18 Weeks!

How far along? 
18 weeks!

 Total weight gain/loss: 
After Thanksgiving, Christmas, and our California trip I have NO idea. I don't care to know. I am confident enough to know I will keep steady at about 25-30 pds. This pregnancy I am just focused on having a healthy full term babe!

It depends. Some nights I am extremely exhausted, other nights I lay wide awake in bed. We are getting Krew trained into his toddler bed so that's been difficult 

 Best moment this week: 
I have a 4 day weekend to celebrate the New Year with my boys & hubby turns the big 2 7 on Saturday! Lots of family time.

Just little ones here and there. Like little gas bubbles or flicks. Can't wait to feel those big kicks and rolls!

I've been feeling SO much better lately. I think I am slowly working myself back up to get back into the gym! I can't wait for that.

 Food cravings: 
Sandwiches still, cold cereal, and ice water.

 Food aversions:
Nothin' really!

I am so excited I never thought I would be able to say that I have a little girl on the way! Slightly nervous too!

Labor Signs:
I had my 2nd progesterone shot yesterday. I am hoping they get easier or that I just get use to them. They are so not fun, my ass is sore for a few hours!

Belly Button in or out?
It's slowly coming out!

What I miss:
It's pathetic but I already miss clothes. I am too stingy to buy too many maternity clothes.

What I am looking forward to:
I am looking forward to ringing in  new year and being able to focus on my baby girl some more. Connecting with her through her movement and I have my 20 week scan on Thursday!

Weekly Wisdom: 
If you can. Take the day off. Enjoy it.

Finding out and announcing little lady!!!


2015 Resolutions

I cannot believe that in 2 days it will be 2015! We have had such a crazy year in 2014 and I hope things calm down in 2015 and we are able to slow down a little bit. Something tells me with a 2 year old and a newborn, slowing down is the last thing that is going to happen for us. I of course always set a few resolutions for myself personally, and as a family. Just goals that I would like to see us achieve and celebrate. I am very pleased with how well writing things down and actually seeing them accomplished worked out for us in 2014. So, we are gonna give it another shot!

  • Continue to make our house a home. We need some new furnishings, pictures, and our backyard needs to be put in for fun things this summer!
  • Potty train Krew. This is a must. Preferably by May, we'll see.
  • Plan a nursery & name baby GIRL!! 
  • Get Krews glove off. We are REALLY shooting for March! 
  • Visit my in-laws in Idaho as much as possible. We never ever do this enough.
  • Work on some family relationships. I would really like to put more effort into relationships with people in my family. Genuine, quality time.
  • Give birth! (This will happen whether I am ready or not)
  • Enjoy at least 3 Summer vacations as a family! 
  • Compete in Spudman 2015. So excited for this!
  • Complete 2 more half marathons in under 2:15. I had this goal for myself last year but obviously it's up here again. I am really going to push for this, especially since I will be trying to get rid of baby weight.
  • Love & celebrate my marriage as much as humanly possible. I know this should be a goal each and every day but we are coming up on the 7 year itch and adding another baby to the mix. I want to make sure I am giving it my all.
  • Finish a FULL marathon. Again, this was on my list last year. My mom and sister run the St. George marathon every year and I just think it would be so friggin' cool to cross the finish line hand in hand with those 2! I better get on this before my mom needs to retire her hip!

There is nothing too serious on here unlike last year when we were trying to sell our house and buy a new one. These are mostly personal things. As baby girl comes we will see where life takes us!

I wish everyone a very happy, healthy 2015. Set some goals for yourself and really stick to them! It's so awesome seeing everything pan out as it should! God is good and works in mysterious ways! Stay confident and follow your dreams!

It's A...

R, K, & I are so beyond thrilled to be welcoming a little lady into our family! Our gender reveal story is quite funny! We went in for a testing ultrasound on Monday November 24th. We were given a 70% accuracy rate of baby being a boy. The tech based this off the "angle of the dangle". Here is a picture.. 

If the angle is pointing up it's a boy, if it's a girl the angle is point straight across. Of course when we got the news we would welcome another little boy into our family we were so excited. We figured that R's dad had some say in that as he had just passed away. We had a name picked out and everything! Fast forward almost 4.5 weeks, we were waiting to announce on Christmas day. We wanted to have a 100% confirmation so we scheduled another ultrasound. We knew it wouldn't change, you hardly hear of stories where you are told boy when it's really a girl, it's usually the other way around. 
So, last Monday before we left for our trip R, myself, and my sissy jumped in the car excited to see baby boy again. We didn't let the tech know that we had already been scanned and were told a boy. We wanted a for sure opinion based straight off the spread of the legs. The tech was having a hard time getting a good shot. Ryan and I joked that Krew wasn't that difficult, the tech proceeded to tell us that boys are usually pretty easy. That's when my mind started to wonder. Just what IF the initial ultrasound had been wrong. About 20 mins into the scan the tech asked me to drink some cold water and turn on my side and jab at baby to get him or her to move. So I did that for about 10 mins, she left to give me some privacy but did tell us that she had an idea. Ryan mentioned that he wasn't seeing that he saw with Krew but we totally blew it off. 2 extremely open shots later the tech told us IT'S A GIRL!

We all sat there SHOCKED. I had the tech check 2 more times. I didn't believe it. We were given 110% confirmation. The tech was confidant in sending us on our way!! I couldn't wait to get home to tell my mom sister in laws and mother in law. The initial shock is slowly wearing off and we are warming up to some names! We do have some boy clothes that we need to return though!!


16 Weeks!

If you are reading this right now, I am probably just landing in Long Beach, CA with both my boys in hand! We are off to sunny California to spend time in Disneyland and San Diego for Christmas! We have been looking forward to this trip for MONTHS. I mean literally, I think we booked our tickets way back in May. Plus Krew has a slight obsession with all things Jake, Baymax, and Mickey! We will also be announcing the gender of our little babe sometime this week!! For now, here is a 16 week bump update! 

How far along? 
16 weeks 4 days!

 Total weight gain/loss: 
I am not sure. I haven't weighed myself. The holiday season hasn't been that great on me!

I sleep ok, I have a hard time falling asleep but once I am asleep I usually sleep through the night. 

 Best moment this week: 
We had an awesome weekend. Ryan and I had a day to ourselves on Saturday and Sunday we celebrated our Christmas Eve with our nieces and nephews since we won't actually be here! It was a ton of fun! 

The past week I have thought I have felt baby kick but I wasn't for sure but last night we were sitting by the fire talking about my father in law and I was DOWNING my mother in laws cherry cheesecake and whadayaknow a couple definite jabs! 

Oh shit. The past couple weeks I have been in pretty rough shape. 2 weeks ago I was in instcare really late having 3 bags of liquids pumped into me and I was literally bed bound. I had ZERO energy, then last week I was struck with a freaking UTI! I cannot recoup! 

 Food cravings: 
Sandwiches and cucumbers! 

 Food aversions:
It depends if a smell sets me off or not! 

We had an ultrasound on Monday night and got a 100% confirmation!! Will announce Wednesday or Thursday!!

Labor Signs:
I had my 1st progesterone shot today. It hurt like a b**ch.

Belly Button in or out?
It is coming out a lot faster than it did with Krew! 

What I miss:
My energy for sure and my clothes! I've been in maternity clothes since about 12 weeks.

What I am looking forward to:
Our Christmas trip!!

Weekly Wisdom: 
Just let it go.

Little baby jabs!! 

2014 year in review!

As this year is coming to an end THANK GOD! I have been reflecting back on all we have been blessed with yes, even the bad. We had a year full of ups & downs, I think most of the things were REALLY difficult but we overcame them and looking back now we had a year FULL of good things! We are very very fortunate for all things.

There were 3 things on my resolutions list that I was unable to accomplish this year. Fortunately, and unfortunately they were personal goals. I set the standards for myself physically REALLY high. I always have. I didn't even register for a single half marathon nor did I even really consider doing the FULL marathon. Next year though, I plan on registering for the Spudman again even though It will only be a little more than 6 weeks recovery after baby #2 I am still going to give it a go. I also plan on doing a half marathon in September and MAYBE try to get into the St. George FULL marathon.
Also, we did a week of potty training Krew and it went REALLY well and we honestly should have just stuck to it. But, we didn't and that's ok. We are going to try working with him in March. I don't want to start too soon or before any of us are ready!

In January Krew burned his hand, he had surgery in February. In February we also took a mini trip to California with my parents. San Diego is one of our favorite places to visit as a family! We also paid off Ryans truck!! No more truck payment!! HUGE goal for us!

In March we put our house up for sale and had to deal with what seemed like millions of showings. Showings with 2 dogs and a toddler were so annoying!

In April we moved into my parents basement. In April we also bought our 2nd home, picked out every fun little detail and watched it go up from the ground!

May - June we celebrated little things and continued to watch our home be built! It was always so exciting! We also traveled to St. George as a couple and left Krew at home. It was such a fun and memorable trip we still talk about it! Traveling more was one of our resolutions as well!

July we celebrated the 4th in Idaho and I crossed off a BIG goal on my resolutions list which was the Spudman Triathlon. You can read my post about that HERE. This summer we were fortunate enough to spend lots of quality time with my father in law.

August we celebrated 6 years of blissful marriage! Let's get real marriage isn't always easy.

September we took Krew to Lagoon for the 1st time & we found out we were expecting baby #2 another BIG goal on our resolutions list!

In October we traveled to St. George to watch my older sister run the marathon. And we dove right into Krewpalooza and my father in law, his girlfriend, and my Grandmother in law came down to help us celebrate! Such fun times! Krew dressed up as Lightning McQueen for Halloween and got lots of candy trick or treating with his cousins!!

In November we FINALLY moved into our new house but we also dealt with the very unexpected and difficult loss of my sweet father in law. We also were able to spend a lot of time with family in Idaho and tried our best to count our blessing on Thanksgiving! We also announced baby #2 on our Christmas cards AND we found out the gender!!

December is still going strong and we are heading to Disneyland next week! This wasn't on our resolutions list, but traveling more was so this totally counts! Krew saw Santa and we have been loving the time in our new house!!

Each night I say my prayers and count my blessings. Ryan and I are reving up for 2015 and our new baby!! I have some resolutions up my sleeve but no list yet! I hope to have that soon! I am going to take a couple hours while on the beach by myself to really reflect on my next year of life, I turn 26 and will be adding another baby to our family. It's set up to be a good one and I hope it meets our expectations! What are your resolutions? What are your plans for the new year?


2014 Christmas Card

We wanted to announce in a fun way this time around! We decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and sent this out to our closest friends and family!

We had some very tragic and unexpected news hit us during a really busy time in our lives so it was all put on the back burner, I almost didn't send Christmas cards out at all but my brother in law kept encouraging me to just do them. So glad I did! It was a fun surprise for people to get in their mail. Unfortunately, people found out about my pregnancy before we could get the card but that's ok. I 'm slowly learning to just go with the flow of life and that nothing ever goes the way I have planned. This is my favorite Christmas card yet! I love the pictures we have to go with this shoot too!!

14 Weeks!

How far along? 
14 weeks 5 days!

 Total weight gain/loss: 
I was at the doctors office last Tuesday and I was only up 2 pds which puts me at 108. 

I am sleeping pretty good. I have a hard time falling asleep but once I do I am out for the night. I don't even move.

 Best moment this week: 
Honestly I have had a pretty crummy week. Our weekend was filled with terrible 2 tantrums and I had to work. I feel like I need a weekend from my weekend! I am hoping I can find some energy and feel better before this next weekend! 

None. I feel like sometimes it's baby but it just ends up being gas! Hopefully soon!

This past week has been really hard on me, I told R I finally feel like I am pregnant. My hip bones and tailbones are so sore and I have been nauseous for about a week now.

 Food cravings: 
Nothing. I just eat when I can.

 Food aversions:
Everything. It seems lately everything is making me sick.

We do know! We are not announcing it until we are in Disneyland for Christmas! So excited!

Labor Signs:

Belly Button in or out?
Still in.

What I miss:
My energy! They say it comes back in the 2nd trimester but I am still waiting for that to happen. Between work, my 2 year old and household duties I am so exhausted all the time.

What I am looking forward to:
Our Christmas trip to Disney and San Diego with my family! 

Weekly Wisdom: 
I am trying to keep a positive attitude but all I want to do is sleep and not feel sick!

Pushing into the 2nd trimester! This pregnancy is flying by!!

Life Lately

After finding out we were expecting again, moving, Thanksgiving, and now prepping for our trip to Disneyland things have been pretty hectic! I try to document little moments in our life that I love. If you follow me on instagram you have probably already seen some of these! If not, I hope you like them. It's always so fun to go back through your instafeed and remember all those memories!
This was us at Krew's 2nd birthday party! We had so much fun, it was Cars themed of course! It was a small intimate party with our closest family! Krew slept through 80% of it but I think we all had fun!

Krew begged to be Lightning McQueen for Halloween. I couldn't find a cute costume that actually looked like McQueen anywhere. I came across this jacket at H&M and figured it was perfect! We had a fun night with his cousins!!
Our fridge was delivered the day we moved in and it completed the look to our kitchen! I still love love it,
The stress of moving really caught up to our little guy!
1 night my belly really popped. I had ate around 4 bowls of cereal. I freaking love cold cereal!
My nieces & nephews are my sunshine!! I love them so much and Krew always has so much fun with them.
Hubby and I have been squeezing lots of date nights in! Its been nice.

We are excited for Disneyland and San Diego for Christmas. I am excited to come back to real life to and have my schedule settle down. I want to be able to focus more on getting our new home put together, and baby #2!

We also already know the gender and we plan on sharing it in a fun way while we are in Disneyland!


1st appointment & 10 week update!

I am actually writing this on 11/11. How cute. Anyways, R and I ventured to our 1st prenatal appointment on Friday 11/07. I was so nervous for this, for some reason during this pregnancy I have been way more nervous than I ever was with Krew. I honestly think it's because I know the meaning of life & the value of having a healthy & happy baby. Everything went REALLY well. We went over LOTS, somethings were just reminders. I have planned on working out and running for a majority of my pregnancy however due to my last premie I've been told I need to take it pretty easy. I will need to meet with a specialist at our integrated screening and each couple weeks after that, he will work with me to help keep my energy up but our chances of another premie down. My Vitamin D level and Iron level are both extremely low so I have started taking supplements to help both of those. My thyroid seems to be acting up a little bit too so I will have to have monthly blood tests to keep an eye on everything! Also, starting around 16-20 weeks I will have to start injecting myself with progesterone shots, right in my bum. This will help keep contractions down and my cervix from opening too soon to hopefully prevent another pre-term labor. I will try and document my journey the best that I can.

We meet with a specialist in January to go over all things keep baby in for as long as possible! Now on to the ultrasound which is always my favorite part, based off my LMP I am 11 weeks but based off my ultrasound I am just 10 weeks which puts my due date at June 4th! We are so excited to be welcoming another baby into our crazy family! My o.b projects I will have the babe in the middle of May, so happy to be having a summer baby! No worrying about weather for birthday parties! 

How far along? 
10 weeks!!

 Total weight gain/loss: 
When I was weighed at the doctor on 11/07 I was 106 pds. Which was a lot less than I was thinking. So I am going to go with that as my pre-pregnancy weight. I think between the move, and a little stress I dropped a couple pds. My doctor recommended I stay below 130 so that's the goal.

Now that we are in our new home and somewhat settled I have been sleeping like a dream. I hate to use any medication so early on. Luckily, I usually crash within minutes. 

 Best moment this week: 
Since it's only Tuesday I am going to revert this back to Friday and seeing our little bean on the screen!

None yet. I do hear with a second pregnancy you feel them a lot earlier on. We will see!

Jesus, constipation, headaches, back pain, the list goes on. Our little babe is worth it! <3 em="">

 Food cravings: 
Pickles, Cocoa Puffs, Anything sweet!

 Food aversions:
Cheeseburgers, Chicken, most fast food.

We don't know yet. We both think we will be blessed with another little boy! We will wait and find out on Christmas Day in San Diego!

Labor Signs:

Belly Button in or out?
Still in.

What I miss:
Staying up late, drinking with friends, and my clothes!

What I am looking forward to:
Sending out our Christmas cards and finally announcing to the world that we are expecting!! 

Weekly Wisdom: 
Enjoy the day as it comes. Keep your stress low and jump in that garden bath whenever you need it!

Getting moved in and settled!

Game Changer

I went and laid back down in bed. Of course I couldn't sleep but I was so tired I needed to lay down and I didn't want to hover over the test in fear of seeing a negative. I said a quick prayer, tried my best to leave it up to God. I have always said if I was only ever blessed with Krew than I of course would be totally happy and blessed and ok with 1 child. I stumbled back into the bathroom..

I was in disbelief!
Like so totally utterly shocked! I was freaking out. I skipped back into bed. Googled my due date and was so giddy to find I would have a summer baby! I didn't want to wake up Ryan. I wanted him fully rested so we could hang out all day on Saturday. I didn't fall back asleep all night. So many thoughts were running through my head. I kissed Krew 5 dozen times and pictured him as a big brother. In my heart he is still a baby. How in the world will he handle taking on the role of big brother. I cried thinking of our growing family, soon we would be in our dream home and planning on bringing yet another precious human being into this world. Around 5 AM I finally drifted back to sleep. I woke up with a smile and some butterflies in my tummy. I had to tell Ryan. We drove to our new house to check out the progress and I kept my mouth quiete. I didn't want to tell him just anyway I wanted to tell him at our new house where the memories were going to be made. It was locked we couldn't get in until 10. He asked me if I had taken the test and I told him No I forgot and that I would take it the next morning. He wasn't having it. I broke out and told him. I couldn't keep it from him any longer. He had the biggest grin on his face. He was so happy. He is always so supportive and full of life. I just love him. We decided we wanted to keep it a secret. We did want to tell those closest to us though. I will post about how we did that soon!! For now.. I am writing this on October 14th. According to my LMP I am about 7.5 weeks and still in shock! We have our first appointmnet on November 7th. We are estatic!!

September 26th

Up until this past March Ryan and I never really thought of adding baby #2 into the mix. We were so comfortable as a family of 3, and had finally found our groove. Plus building a house and not really having an end in sight living with my parents, put baby #2 on the back burner. Of course, family members and friends kept commenting on how we needed to give Krew a sibling. I agreed to just disagree. R grew up with 3 sisters, all relatively close in age. My sister and me are only 18 months apart. So we both understood the importance of a sibling bond but just shook it off for the most part. We just weren't ready.

Come the middle of April we decided I would have my IUD removed around June more so the end of July maybe, it was no big rush. I had a few running events during the Summer I didn't want out of whack hormones controlling me. For some strange reason I had this CRAZY urge to have it out sooner. Something literally pushed me into the doctors office to have it out at the end of May. My doctor did warn me that my periods would be off and no try to track my ovulation if I was hoping to get pregnant fast. Meh, no rush I said. As always too scared to face reality. Deep down I was hoping I would find out I was pregnant in August early September. Well, it took 5 1/2 weeks for my 1st period to even show up. I was so stressed that I wasn't going to start having a normal period again for awhile. Again, I tried to just brush it off. Another 5 weeks came and went and my periods were still pretty irregular. August passed with no positive test and so did the beginning of September. At this point I was thinking ok, this really needs to happen soon it's like the realization of the age gap in my kids really really got to me. I was beating myself up. Now I know why I had that big urge to get in sooner. Who knew my periods would be that far apart??!

On September 26th I had worked all day but I couldn't help but listen to this gut feeling I had. I WAS pregnant. I had been tired, emotional, and feeling chubbier than usual. I knew in my heart I was pregnant. Ryan was hunting so I asked him to pick up a test on his way home. He happily obliged. I set the test out so I would remember to take it 1st thing in the morning. I didn't sleep well, but that's been nothing new since living at my parents house. So, when I had to get up and pee around 1:30 am I figured I could take it. I prepped myself for a negative but knew deep down it was going to be positive. I peed on the stick and went and laid back down. 

Resolutions Check-In

I haven't checked in on our resolutions since July! Things have been so busy for us. It feels like life never really slows down. I can't grasp onto reality. Since then here is an update on our 2014 Resolutions!

Save $ for Krews private school tuition. - Family- This is going well. Luckily we still have a few years before we need to start actually paying this out.

Train & complete my 1st FULL marathon. Hoping to get into St. George. - Personal - This isn't going to happen. I have no real excuse. Honestly. Maybe, next year.

Pay-off Ryan's truck. $3,000 left. - Family- CHECK! We did this back in February! We love only have my car payment! 

List & sell our 1st home. - Family - CHECK! This is still so bittersweet to me! We sold back in March!

Train & complete my 1st triathlons. Idaho Spudman. - Personal -
CHECK CHECK CHECK! I can't believe this is done & over with!

Live in the moment more, social media free. - Personal - This has been getting easier and easier to do! I don't care as much to stay in the loop!

Find or build our dream home, the one we will be in for the next 15+ yrs. 
- Family - CHECK CHECK CHECK! I think this is the most exciting goal of all! We are ONE week out from moving!!

MAYBE try for another baby. MAYBE. - Family - This year really got the best of us! Busy busy!

Potty train Krew. - Family - Once we get into our house we are going to his this pretty hard. I am nervous since we are going to California for almost a week in December. Will it set him back any once we do get him trained? Should I hold off until the new year?

It's been a very blessed year for my family.


So much has changed since my last post on our house! We are basically weeks away from completion and so anxious and excited to move in and finally really call it our own! We have had such good luck with our builders so far. Of course as every build goes there have been some bumps along the way but nothing too major!

We have had a ton of friends and some family ask to come and see the process and support us in our new adventure and it has been so fun to share it with them! Every step of the way has been a real dream come true! We have a new closing date of November 3rd and should have the keys no later than November 7th! We can't wait to decorate for Christmas! Here are some pictures and caption updates!

I REALLY don't want to post any pictures of the inside. I feel like that is something I would like to keep private. I will post a few pictures here and there. As for my friends and family come see the inside for yourself!! 

Our shutters go in on Monday and we are waiting on mirrors and one more cabinet door. We have 3-4 walk through's and then we close! 3 weeks people!

23 things I love about being Krews mama

Since we are quickly approaching Krew's 2nd birthday. Hold up, did I really just type that? 2nd birthday!! He will be 2 on the 23rd of October. I am here to list 23 things I love about being Krew's mom.

  1. The way he always says "nonny too" (mommy too). Because he always wants me to be doing what he is doing.
  2. The grin he gets on his sweet face that emphasizes his slightly chubby cheeks; 1st thing when he sees me in the morning.
  3. When he sees me at his nannies after a long day & he says "hug & kiss" & grabs my face with both hands & plants a big wet one on me.
  4. He has this giggle whenever something is the slightest bit funny. He giggles & says "silly".
  5. This one is maybe my favorite but he has a little crazy personality that only Ryan & I truly know. It's like our secret love language only spoken between the 3 of us. 
  6. He says "Drew Farras". That's his name.
  7. He ALWAYS wants to be like his daddy. "Hat like daddy", "Hair like daddy", "Boots like daddy", the list goes on & on.
  8. He LOVES his Grandpa. "Pawpaw" never does anything wrong.
  9. His cute white little bum.
  10. He has chubby freaking feetsies. He loves them rubbed with lotion, & he will let me kiss & smell them as long as I want too!
  11. Whenever he gets a booboo he tells me "Ouchie" I kiss it better and he looks up & says "All gone". It makes me feel like I can make EVERYTHING better.
  12. He always tells me that "Elmo Poops". I have no idea where he got this.
  13. Sometimes at night he will rub my face until he falls asleep. Almost like  he is trying to comfort me too.
  14. He is SO smart. I know every mom says this about their child, but legit my son is a kid genius.
  15. His manners are impeccable. He can sit at the dinner table better than most 3-5 year olds! He says his please and thanks yous and calls his aunts and uncle by "Aunt Dani, or "Uncle Clark". We have already implemented respect into his daily life.
  16. Shoe fetish. This is so MY kid. He LOVES hims some shoes!
  17. He has this very devious smile. & he knows it!
  18. He will old my hand while we are watching a movie together.
  19. His zest for life is like no other. He LOVES everything & always has this little sparkle in his eye. I hope he never loses it.
  20. Krew HAS to have his daddy in order to fall asleep at night. Every night without fail.
  21. He calls the boogie man "newnaw".
  22. Kid loves loves loves dogs!
  23. When he says "I wuv you nonny".

My dearest son,
Please remember how much I love you and respect you as not only my child but as a human who will be an amazing man someday.