23 things I love about being Krews mama

Since we are quickly approaching Krew's 2nd birthday. Hold up, did I really just type that? 2nd birthday!! He will be 2 on the 23rd of October. I am here to list 23 things I love about being Krew's mom.

  1. The way he always says "nonny too" (mommy too). Because he always wants me to be doing what he is doing.
  2. The grin he gets on his sweet face that emphasizes his slightly chubby cheeks; 1st thing when he sees me in the morning.
  3. When he sees me at his nannies after a long day & he says "hug & kiss" & grabs my face with both hands & plants a big wet one on me.
  4. He has this giggle whenever something is the slightest bit funny. He giggles & says "silly".
  5. This one is maybe my favorite but he has a little crazy personality that only Ryan & I truly know. It's like our secret love language only spoken between the 3 of us. 
  6. He says "Drew Farras". That's his name.
  7. He ALWAYS wants to be like his daddy. "Hat like daddy", "Hair like daddy", "Boots like daddy", the list goes on & on.
  8. He LOVES his Grandpa. "Pawpaw" never does anything wrong.
  9. His cute white little bum.
  10. He has chubby freaking feetsies. He loves them rubbed with lotion, & he will let me kiss & smell them as long as I want too!
  11. Whenever he gets a booboo he tells me "Ouchie" I kiss it better and he looks up & says "All gone". It makes me feel like I can make EVERYTHING better.
  12. He always tells me that "Elmo Poops". I have no idea where he got this.
  13. Sometimes at night he will rub my face until he falls asleep. Almost like  he is trying to comfort me too.
  14. He is SO smart. I know every mom says this about their child, but legit my son is a kid genius.
  15. His manners are impeccable. He can sit at the dinner table better than most 3-5 year olds! He says his please and thanks yous and calls his aunts and uncle by "Aunt Dani, or "Uncle Clark". We have already implemented respect into his daily life.
  16. Shoe fetish. This is so MY kid. He LOVES hims some shoes!
  17. He has this very devious smile. & he knows it!
  18. He will old my hand while we are watching a movie together.
  19. His zest for life is like no other. He LOVES everything & always has this little sparkle in his eye. I hope he never loses it.
  20. Krew HAS to have his daddy in order to fall asleep at night. Every night without fail.
  21. He calls the boogie man "newnaw".
  22. Kid loves loves loves dogs!
  23. When he says "I wuv you nonny".

My dearest son,
Please remember how much I love you and respect you as not only my child but as a human who will be an amazing man someday.
Carol said...

What a cutie!!!! I wish his table manners would rub off on my daughter!

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