12 Months

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Krew Arthur
Height & Weight: At his 1 year well check he weigh 20.9 pds putting him in at 15th% for weight, he was 29.5 inches putting him in at 35%. He is still so petite but our pediatrician was so so impressed by how much he has developed for being a premiee baby. It makes a mama proud!
Health: I don't want to jynx this but we have been cold/ear infection free for the past couple months. R has always had really bad ear infections so I think it is a genetic thing. If (I pray it doesn't) he gets another infection I am going to talk to the pediatrician about having tubes put in. He has 5 teeth.
Sleep:  We haven't been blessed with an "amazing" sleeper per say but he is a pretty good sleeper. He goes down around 9:00 pm and wakes up around 6:30. On the weekends he goes down back to sleep until 8 or 8:30. He still takes 2 naps a day which is just like clock work. One at 9 am and one at 2 pm. His nanny is incredible and has him on a legit strict sleep schedule. God bless her soul.

Diet: He is completely off of formula and took the transition to whole milk like a champ. He has 2-3 9 oz bottles a day. We really try to limit his milk intake. We aren't a family who drinks milk a lot, (I think it's disgusting, it's freaking puss) so we make sure Krew is getting his vitamins through fruits, vegetables, and a daily multi vitamin. He loves to eat though, he loves to chomp on apples by himself, he loves pasta, and anything sweet. Just like his mom.

Clothes: He is in 12-18 month tops and is still in 9 month pants. He has short legs like his mama. It's been really nice fall weather here the past couple months so I have been able to get some use out of his summer clothes for a bit longer. I can't believe next Summer he will be walking and will need shoes, and good comfortable clothes to run and play in!
Baby Gear Love: Krew loves Little People. He carries them everywhere. He loves anything Jake and The Neverland Pirates, Peppa Pig, and he loves cars, balls, and his dogs. He has a couple scoot around cars and goes all through the house. He even likes to push me on them. It's so cute! He still loves his wabbanubb too. Like LOVES, he won't go to sleep without it. We can't even leave the house without it.

 Crying: His separation anxiety is getting a lot better. He cries when he is hurt or tired. That's it. He has experience night terrors, last month it was really bad. Almost every night sometimes twice a night. I put a night light in his room and it has almost stopped. Down to about once to twice a week.
Likes: Like I said above he is obsessed with his wabbanubb binki, he still loves his papa, his puppy Gus, moms phone, and anything that he can get into!


I touched base on Krew starting with a new nanny and he has done wonderful. I have been so blessed to find such a heart felt woman to take Krew into her home and love him like he is her own. I thank God for her everyday. Krew being at an out of home nanny has been so great for his developmental skills. He talks and talks, and is so close to walking. I have a few posts I need to catch up on: I am writing them down to try and hold myself accountable!
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Letter to Krew
I have been so blessed this past month soaking in my little bugs last month as a baby. I officially have a toddler and I have been loving every single minute of it. Each day gets better and better and he is developing such a personality. He is my little dude, my buddy. I love him so much. I tell people I don't even feel like a mom because to me I enjoy it SO much it isn't' a job. I feel like "mom" is such a job title. There are some exciting things happening in our household and I can't wait to share. I have to wait a bit for some kinks to be worked out but as soon as I can SHOUT it out you know I will..
One more thing.. I can't believe blogging with a Coke bottle at 11:00 at night on a Saturday is fun to me. Shouldn't I be drunk trying to catch a cab? I mean I am only 24.