Updates on EVERYTHING!!

It has been way too long since I last blogged! Sorry! We are finally settled into our new place (i know i know its been almost 5 months) but my how time flies! We have everything in sort and just love having our own place to do what we want when we want!

Here is a pic of the front of the house since Ry has put his green thumb to it!

I dont think I ever thought our grass would be this green! I planted the blue planter full of daisies and my mom planet the brown ones for us! :] Thanks mom! Anyways.. as most of you know Ry gave me a puppy for my birthday! She is a really good dog but one day we had an incident because she gets so excited when we feed her in the morning, one morning I was feeding her and she did not see me put the food down into her bowl so as I was walking back inside she had the bright idea to hit the "food" out of my hand! I ended up tripping and barely hitting my elbow on the back door window. Well I slammed the door a little harder then I should have and well it ALL shattered to the ground! It was a disaster! Luckily we only had to wait on day till we could put a new one in! However, that one night we did have to wait it rained!!! OF COURSE!! So here is Ry's way of fixing that problem! GARBAGE BAGS!!!!!!! Luckily we were able to call my Auntie who works and central glass and she hooked us up with a new window!! :] So it is all fixed!! Next we have our new addition to the Barras Family! Gus Gus! He is our little pug/boston terrier also known as Hell Boy! I have never known such a puppy to be so cute and so sweet, yet the biggest trouble maker EVER!!!! Chewy and Gus are best friends and get along so well. After awhile of not being together they start to suffer from separation anxiety. It is quite pathetic if you ask me. They fight NON-STOP run up and down the hall ways and knock their heads on just about every surface of the house. Chewy usually grabs Gus' fat and Gus will grab Chews X-L big ears! They are our little babies and we love the crap out of them!! :] I think that is all the important stuff!! Stay tuned for more about Us and our Crazy Dogs!!


I am trying to learn this whole blog thing so we can keep everyone in tune! Bear with me! :]