The struggle

There are days I struggle. Days where I do not feel like I am matching up to my own expectations, then there are days where I am so giddy, so thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life.

Lately, I've been blessed with friends who have shown they would go to the end of the earth for me and for that I am so thankful. One of my mommy blogger friends over at Mom Boss Movement noticed I needed to be lifted up and I needed a daily reminder of how great I am as a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend etc.

It's too good to keep to myself and I give all the credit to Brittany! She's a real great person! I hope you enjoy this affirmation as much as I did.

YOU are an incredible being.

A glorious expression.

A beautiful heart.

 A generous soul.

A fabulous body.

Fearfully, wonderfully and intricately fashioned.

Without mess-ups or without a blemish.

YOU are a masterpiece.

Creatively crafted. Deliberately chosen. Chosen for greatness.

YOU were not made for a cage. For a stereotype. For limitations. Or even your own fears.

YOU were made greatly and for great things.

For daring explouts, passionate pursuits, for confident convictions.

YOU are an overcomer. YOU are strong. YOU are a fighter. YOU don't give up.

YOU are not a slave to fear, but an ambassador of love.

YOU are a conduit of freedom. A beacon of hope. A carrier of light.

YOU are redeemed. Free. Forgiven. Loved. Chosen.

And YOU are rad - dare I say radical?

YOU may not be right all the time, but dear one, you are righteous.

YOU are smart, wise beyond your years. Experience and passion are your soul's tutor.

YOU make good choices. YOU are a solid decision maker.

YOU smile at the present and anticipate the future. YOU are unwavering.

Doubt and fear fall at your feet - they cower at the thought of you.

YOU are a leader like no other. You aren't an echo of another, but a unique voice of your own.

YOU are an absolute joy. Because you are YOU. You're enough. There's no one like you.

This world needs you. Your expression. Your kindness. Your eagerness. Your hopefulness. YOU.

A Happiest Birthday with Plum Cakery

I think I understand now why older adults do not like birthdays. They wish they would pass by without any acknowledgment. I also know that each & every day we should be living this life to it's fullest. ESPECIALLY on our day of birth. How lucky are we to celebrate not just ANOTHER day but we just passed another year! I turned 27 two weeks ago, I had been dreading it for awhile. It seems so "late 20's" to me. I woke up the day of my birthday and decided to EMBRACE it! I have no many amazing friends, the BEST family I could ever ask for, a wonderful hardworking husband and 2 beautiful, striving, and healthy children! I worked and then R cooked me dinner for my family and I. I was also so honored to have Alex from Plum Cakery make my delicious birthday cake, I mean the pictures do not even do it justice.

I chose the English Rose Cake, it was vanilla chiffon cake filled with raspberry jam and rosewater buttercream, then frosted in rosewater buttercream. It MELTED in your mouth! Plus the details of the flowers and fresh fruit just topped it off. If you are in Utah and need a cake for any occasion contact Plum Cakery. You will not regret it!