Oh Christmas Tree!!

Yesterday we FINALLY put up our Christmas tree!! I usually am a person that HATES Christmas! This year with our house and having stable jobs I just can't help but be excited for it!! We had a 4" Christmas tree that we were just going to use until after Christmas to see if maybe we could get one on sale but I couldn't help getting a new big one perfect for our home!!! :] Here is a sneak peek!

It's not that great of a picture but here you go! Notice the Boise State stocking Ryan had to have! I am so excited for Christmas and New Years! I am living the life I have always imagined and am so grateful for such a hardworking husband, and confidant. He truly is my best friend! xoxo

What a weekend!

I am so sad that my fun, busy, long weekend is OVER!! :[ BOOO.... Weds after work we headed straight up to Idaho! The drive seemed longer then ever because I was so anxious and just plain pmsing!! Once we got there Grandpa has Docs pizza waiting for us YUMMY!! We scarfed some of that down and hung out for a bit then headed to Ryans dads house where we had a few brewskies then called it a night! We were both pretty tired! We woke up around 9:30 on Thanksgiving morning and immediately starting helping Grandma with cooking, setting the table, etc. Around 1:00 the fam came over and we grubbed, the food is ALWAYS so good!! :] We hung out and played cards and looked through the ads getting ready for our shopping excursion!!! We headed back to Rys dads house and watch Paranormal Activity and I taught the younger kids how to hit the beer bong! ha ha ha Paranormal Activity was the dumbest movie ever and I feel like I need to take that hour and a half of my life back!! So we decided since we had to leave around 3 a.m to get to Twin by 4 that we would just pull an all nighter!! The original gang was supposed to be Me, Ryan, His dad, his dads girlfriend, Whitney, and His girlfriends niece, Well... the REAL gang was Me, Ryan, Ken, and Jaime (Kens girlfriend). I honestly didn't think Kenny B would wake up to come shopping but sure enough he did!! It was SO much fun and Ry and I got a lot of stuff we have been wanting to get!! Friday DAY we slept and ate leftovers then played cards at Grandmas and I was OUT by about 9:30!! The next morning Ryan woke up early and went fishing with his dad and grandpa probably one of the last few times they will be able to go together so  here is a cute picture that I hope Ry will hold close to him!

All in all it was a great weekend and I love seeing how content Ryan is in the country! Too bad I am too much of a city girl for that podonk stuff! :] I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


What are your middle names? Ryans is Daniel and mine is Elizabeth

How long have you been together? May 4th, 2006

How long did you know each other before you started dating? Af ew months

Whose siblings do you see the most? Maybe mine we see his older sister a lot too.

Do you have any children together? No, but someday!

What about pets? 2 crazy ass dogs.

Did you go to the same school? No!

Who is the most sensitive? As much as he doesn't like it he is pretty sensitive!

Where do you eat out most as a couple? We LOVE Tepan Yaki!! :]

Where is the furthest you have ever traveled as a couple? Mexico co!!

Who has the worst temper? ME! No doubt about it.

Who does the cooking? Ryan I HATE to cook!!!

Who is more social? I am. Ry takes some warming up...

Who is the neat freak? Ryan! He has to have everything just so.

Who is the most stubborn? I am.

Who hogs the bed? Ryan "How does a 90 lb girl take up so much room in a queen bed?' So I am assuming that I do? LOL

Who wakes up earlier? Ryan its SO annoying! Like chill dude.

Where was your first date? Joe's Crab Shack for my 18th birthday!

Who has the bigger family? He has a bigger immediate family but extended probably me.

Do you get flowers often? No, he does it out of the blue which is even more special!!

Who eats more? Ryan! I am half way done with my plate and he is already digging into it! He says its my diet plan.

Who sings better? He does. He can make every voice in the book.

Who does the laundry? I do. Its my domain!

Who is better with the computer? Me for sure.

Who drives when you are together? Ryan then he bitches that I dont know how to drive?

Who picks where you go to dinner? I do. I am picky.

Who is the first one to admit when they are wrong? Ryan because he doesn't like conflict which makes me even madder. If you dont mean it dont say it.

Who wears the pants in this relationship?

Who eats more sweets? Lol guilty...

Who cries more? I do. I usually tell Ryan "Tell me something that will make me feel better"

What's your best day together? Sundays. We usually just lay around!

Where did you honeymoon? Cancun, Mexico. Pure bliss!!

Favorite date night? Dinner and shopping! ha

Favorite TV show to watch together? Anything sports for him! Ugh mine is The Hills!! :]


"Feeling grateful or appreciative of someone or something in your life actually attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value into your life."

I can't believe its already the week of Thanksgiving! I thought I better get a post in since I dont know when I will have much time again. This Thanksgiving seems to mean so much more then all the others! The first and foremost thing I am thankful for is my marriage. As any couple Ry and I have had our ups and downs but as of lately it seems we are on cloud nine. I learn more and more about him everyday and fall even deeper in love with every new thing he does. He is an amazing husband and sometimes I think it is a 80/20 with him doing most of the work. I appreciate everything he does for me and the people around him. He is the apple of my eye! We have been so busy with some many exciting things that its hard to keep track of time! This past weekend we had the chance to be a part of Ryans cousin Derricks wedding. Ryan and Derrick are best friends and seriously look like twins! Its almost scary! We look forward to so many more memories with Derrick and Jessica and all four of us hope to have little boys in the future so they can share the bond Ryan and Derrick did. They do want 6 kids so hopefully Ryan and I can have one when they are having their 3rd.. well maybe 5th! This coming weekend we are going to Idaho again to spend with with his Grandparents and dad. It will be a lot of fun and the food will be WONDERFUL as always!! The next weekend after that we will be back up in Idaho AGAIN to pay a speeding ticket Ry got a while back. Then we have our "favorite" nephews 6th birthday! I can't believe how fast he has grown up! I remeber going to his 4th birthday! *tear... He is such a big boy and gets better looking every time I see him! We love you Pey!!  Once the holidays are over we have Rys 22nd birthday, my dads 50th birthday, our new little niece, and my 21st birthday!  This next year will be so exciting and I can't wait to share it with my friends and family! This last trip to Idaho made me realize how old of a first time mom I will be! Derricks older sister Erica has a 2 year old boy and he is so dang cute every little action he makes is so enthusiastic I wanted to play with him and did for a bit but I get so intimated by those little ones! With the new marriage, little boys, and new niece arriving lately Ry and I have felt the pressure from family and friends and had many questions on when we will have little monsters. Well people... NOT anytime soon! I want to enjoy my life being young and enjoy the first few years I have with Ryan and MAYBE learn to cook? Lol I can barely keep my own head on straight!! We have our nephew niece and cousins to do the work for us! As of now are are more then comfortable with being the babysitter! I am just thankful that I have all these wonderful people in my life that I can share so many things with! I love you all and appreciate all the love and support you give to us!

Time Flies

I am just realizing  how fast time flies by! I can't believe it is already November and the Holidays are just around the corner! So much has been happening in our life that its hard to keep up at times! Our puppies have grown SO much and have a ton of energy and I just can't keep up with them. 
Gus has probably gained about 20 pds and has chewed on almost everything surface of our house! He really knows how to push our buttons! Call me crazy but I think of dogs as human beings! I just love them! And for our sweet girl Chewy here she is! She is such a good dog and is very even tempered! Gus has been a total tyrant since the day we got him! Grr.. he has chewed up the corners of our walls. My shoes, my bags! EVERYTHING!! He is a pain in my royal ass!!

Thats an update on our kiddies! :] Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!