Time Flies

I am just realizing  how fast time flies by! I can't believe it is already November and the Holidays are just around the corner! So much has been happening in our life that its hard to keep up at times! Our puppies have grown SO much and have a ton of energy and I just can't keep up with them. 
Gus has probably gained about 20 pds and has chewed on almost everything surface of our house! He really knows how to push our buttons! Call me crazy but I think of dogs as human beings! I just love them! And for our sweet girl Chewy here she is! She is such a good dog and is very even tempered! Gus has been a total tyrant since the day we got him! Grr.. he has chewed up the corners of our walls. My shoes, my bags! EVERYTHING!! He is a pain in my royal ass!!

Thats an update on our kiddies! :] Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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