What are your middle names? Ryans is Daniel and mine is Elizabeth

How long have you been together? May 4th, 2006

How long did you know each other before you started dating? Af ew months

Whose siblings do you see the most? Maybe mine we see his older sister a lot too.

Do you have any children together? No, but someday!

What about pets? 2 crazy ass dogs.

Did you go to the same school? No!

Who is the most sensitive? As much as he doesn't like it he is pretty sensitive!

Where do you eat out most as a couple? We LOVE Tepan Yaki!! :]

Where is the furthest you have ever traveled as a couple? Mexico co!!

Who has the worst temper? ME! No doubt about it.

Who does the cooking? Ryan I HATE to cook!!!

Who is more social? I am. Ry takes some warming up...

Who is the neat freak? Ryan! He has to have everything just so.

Who is the most stubborn? I am.

Who hogs the bed? Ryan "How does a 90 lb girl take up so much room in a queen bed?' So I am assuming that I do? LOL

Who wakes up earlier? Ryan its SO annoying! Like chill dude.

Where was your first date? Joe's Crab Shack for my 18th birthday!

Who has the bigger family? He has a bigger immediate family but extended probably me.

Do you get flowers often? No, he does it out of the blue which is even more special!!

Who eats more? Ryan! I am half way done with my plate and he is already digging into it! He says its my diet plan.

Who sings better? He does. He can make every voice in the book.

Who does the laundry? I do. Its my domain!

Who is better with the computer? Me for sure.

Who drives when you are together? Ryan then he bitches that I dont know how to drive?

Who picks where you go to dinner? I do. I am picky.

Who is the first one to admit when they are wrong? Ryan because he doesn't like conflict which makes me even madder. If you dont mean it dont say it.

Who wears the pants in this relationship?

Who eats more sweets? Lol guilty...

Who cries more? I do. I usually tell Ryan "Tell me something that will make me feel better"

What's your best day together? Sundays. We usually just lay around!

Where did you honeymoon? Cancun, Mexico. Pure bliss!!

Favorite date night? Dinner and shopping! ha

Favorite TV show to watch together? Anything sports for him! Ugh mine is The Hills!! :]

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