What a weekend!

I am so sad that my fun, busy, long weekend is OVER!! :[ BOOO.... Weds after work we headed straight up to Idaho! The drive seemed longer then ever because I was so anxious and just plain pmsing!! Once we got there Grandpa has Docs pizza waiting for us YUMMY!! We scarfed some of that down and hung out for a bit then headed to Ryans dads house where we had a few brewskies then called it a night! We were both pretty tired! We woke up around 9:30 on Thanksgiving morning and immediately starting helping Grandma with cooking, setting the table, etc. Around 1:00 the fam came over and we grubbed, the food is ALWAYS so good!! :] We hung out and played cards and looked through the ads getting ready for our shopping excursion!!! We headed back to Rys dads house and watch Paranormal Activity and I taught the younger kids how to hit the beer bong! ha ha ha Paranormal Activity was the dumbest movie ever and I feel like I need to take that hour and a half of my life back!! So we decided since we had to leave around 3 a.m to get to Twin by 4 that we would just pull an all nighter!! The original gang was supposed to be Me, Ryan, His dad, his dads girlfriend, Whitney, and His girlfriends niece, Well... the REAL gang was Me, Ryan, Ken, and Jaime (Kens girlfriend). I honestly didn't think Kenny B would wake up to come shopping but sure enough he did!! It was SO much fun and Ry and I got a lot of stuff we have been wanting to get!! Friday DAY we slept and ate leftovers then played cards at Grandmas and I was OUT by about 9:30!! The next morning Ryan woke up early and went fishing with his dad and grandpa probably one of the last few times they will be able to go together so  here is a cute picture that I hope Ry will hold close to him!

All in all it was a great weekend and I love seeing how content Ryan is in the country! Too bad I am too much of a city girl for that podonk stuff! :] I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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