30 w e e k s!!

(29 weeks with my little lover boy!)

How far along? 30 weeks!!

Weight gain: I'm up 18 pounds! Still feeling like chasing Krew everywhere and always being on the go is keeping the scale down. Which honestly, if my doctor says I am fine then I am happy with it! With Krew I was up 20-23 pds.

Maternity clothes? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Stretch marks? No, praise the lawd!

Sleep: My 3 10 hour works days really take it out of me. I sleep ok, I get up 4-5 times a night to pee and sometimes have a hard time falling back asleep! I LOVE to sleep in and take naps with Krew though!

Best moment this week: We've had a heck of a week. Ryan's been working late and we've just been trying to push through. It's been one of those!

Miss Anything? My back is constantly hurting. Like always. I miss rolling all over the floor with the boys, and running, and not peeing when I sneeze!

Movement: Her movements are starting to her A LOT more. Since she is getting bigger they are getting stronger! She likes to hang out in my left hip area!

Food cravings: Cold cereal!!!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing.

Gender: GIRL!

Labor Signs: Nada, my exercise and lifting of Krew needs to subside in 2 weeks. Per doctors order!

Symptoms: No fortunately!

Belly Button in or out? It's out. 

Wedding rings on or off? It depends! Last week they were off, this week they are on!

Mood: Nervous, Anxious.

Looking forward to: My birthday weekend and spending time with my family!!

(10, 20, 30)


2 8 w e e k s!

How far along? 28 weeks!

Weight gain: I had my last monthly appointment last Wednesday and will now be seen every 2 weeks! How crazy right?! I am up 16 pds from my pre-pregnancy weight. Looking back with Krew HERE I was up 20-23 pds. My doctor said I am healthy and on track as far as my weight goes so I am happy with it! I think chasing a toddler and working full time is helping keep the #'s down though. I can't just eat a doughnut and lay on the couch! Sure would be nice though! I do want to note that I am super nervous about losing the weight after my 2nd baby. Everyone I have talked to have told me how hard it is. We will see! I am pretty determined! 

Maternity clothes? I cannot fit into regular jeans. I do still fit into some of my shirts which is nice to change it up. I am starting to wear more dresses as the weather gets warmer! When I am home I just wanna be in my sweats of course!

Stretch marks? No! I am still oiling up 3 times a day maybe 4. I have some pre-existing ones on my thighs but they don't seem to be getting any worse. None on my tummy though!

Sleep: Sleep is good. There have been a few nights when I have needed Tylenol PM but for the most part it's ok. If I wake up to pee I usually have a hard time falling back asleep or if I nap with Krew in the afternoon, I can't go to bed till pretty late.

Best moment this week: Krew and I went on a mom and son date yesterday! We went to ride the trains it was so much fun. I am really enjoying spending time with just him. I know it's gonna be over so soon! 

Miss Anything? I mean feeling normal counts. My body is so stretched out it hurts. My ribs ache pretty bad.

Movement: I feel her a lot more during the day now. She still comes kickin' right around bedtime! She is recognizing her daddys voice and big brothers too!

Food cravings: Rice krispie treats, Siracha with chicken still, lots and lots of water and sometimes a fresh lemonade!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing.

Gender: GIRL!

Labor Signs: The past 3-4 days my BHs have been TERRIBLE!! Some of them really hurt! 

Symptoms: BH's are pretty strong, I pee ALL the time, and I get sore really easily!

Belly Button in or out? It's out. My sister called it an alien!

Wedding rings on or off? Off. Sadly.

Mood: Happy! I am getting nervous about the big change of course.

Looking forward to: Our baby shower in 1 month!

27 w e e k s!

How far along? 27 weeks!

Weight gain: I have no idea I know for a fact I'm up 14 pds. I would say I'm tipping right around 20. My appetite and TOTALLY grown the past week or so. I can't get enough to eat but then I feel SO full.

Maternity clothes? Pants, I can still fit into some non-maternity tops like the one seen above. The weather is supposed to be amazing this week so, I am whipping out my dresses too!

Stretch marks? No! I oil and lotion up two or three times a day! I do have a feeling with my increased appetite I need to do this A LOT more.

Sleep: I'm ALWAYS tired. No matter how much sleep I get. I contribute that to chasing a 2 year old and over booked weekends. Plus I started a new work schedule of 3 10's and those totally kick my ass.

Best moment this week: It was my nieces birthday party and I had all my nieces and nephews together! It was so much fun and Krew had SO much fun having a sleepover and playing outside with them all day. He's so independent now, I would almost say he is easy! I can't believe we are going to throw a newborn into the bunch!

Miss Anything? Same ol' stuff, my closet, running, my energy.

Movement: I feel her ALL the time. Her kicks aren't as big as I remember Krew's being but I do have the anterior placenta too.

Food cravings: Rice Krispies (my sister in law makes the best ones), and Siracha sauce. I've been eating teryaki bowls like they are going out of style!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing.

Gender: GIRL!

Labor Signs: I've been having Braxton Hicks a lot more. Cold water and a little rest helps!

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks. I feel my body begging me to slow down a bit and I really need to tune into it. I'm eating my 3rd trimester and starting to feel shitty all over again. Like not caring about my  hair, and I just want to be comfy! It's even harder with a 2 year old. My needs start to come last which sucks because I REALLY need rest.

Belly Button in or out? It's out and it's starting to poke out too. It never did that with Krew!

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Mood: Over it. Honestly, maybe I'm just doing this on a bad day but I'm tired, sore, and tired. Ha!

Looking forward to: Our baby shower in 1 month!