8 Months!!

Krew Arthur
8 Months!!

Height and Weight: I am unsure on this. I am going to guess he is around 20 pounds or so. He is really little to me!! He is in a swim class on Saturdays and it definitely one of the smaller dudes! So cute!!

Health: I say this every single time but, Thank God for blessing me with a healthy baby. To all you mamas out there with sick babies KUDOS to you! The stress that comes along with this is unimaginable!

Sleep: He sleeps through the night and has since he was about 4 1/2 months. Since we switched him into his own room in his own crib he sleeps  A LOT better! He goes down around 8:30 and wakes up around 7:00 a.m. It is so awesome! His naps have been quite a bit off lately, I wish I could take a week off to get him trained again. I am trying to get him out of the habit of his swing because he is growing out. It also seems like he is only needing 2 naps a day. Instead of 3. 

Diet: He is still drinking 7 oz of Earth's Best Organic formula every 3 to 4 hours! He also loves salmon, green beans, eggs, and sugar toast. He loves snack foods and juice! I am slowly weaning my baby of his bottle. I am such an advocate of healthy foods. Start them young so they know they can't eat candy for candy and snacks all through the day! 

Clothes: Seems Krew is finally starting to slow down in this department. For awhile there he was going through clothes like crazy. He is in 9 month clothes and slowly starting to wear 12 months. Which is good for mamas wallet since we love us some Baby Gap! (;

Baby Gear Love: His tree swing is still a BIG hit, he loves his inflatable pool, his walker sports car, balls, and he thinks our pug is a chew toy! Oh well, boys will be boys!!

Crying: Krew doesn't cry. He more whines. He cries if he is too hungry of course and if he gets hurt but that's it! So lucky!

Likes: His Grandpa, His dad, Sophie the puppy, Gus his brother dog, Food, Jake & The Neverland Pirates, being outside, and swimming lessons!

Postpartum: I hate this question! I am doing great! 7 more pounds away from pre-Krew which may or may not be obtainable. I feel great about myself and my body I try not to focus on the numbers! I also have a 1/2 marathon coming up in August!!

Milestones: My dude is DAYS away from crawling. He can also pull himself up onto things, and he repeatedly says DADA, although I try to correct him by saying mama!! He is a jibber jabber and he also tries to give kisses open mouthed!

My son,
Krew mom can't even explain the happiness and joy you bring into my life. You light up my world with the brightest light possible. I strive everyday to better your life. Dad loves you so much and the bond you two have is an incredible sight. You are starting to learn the things mom will give you that dad doesn't and vice versa. I love our bedtime routine and wouldn't skip a moment with you for anything. The way the sun hits your pretty face makes every emotion I could ever feel multiply. I love you so so very much little buddy. Don't ever forget it!
Love, Mom


This weekend started out WILD!! Guys, I saw Tim McGraw in concert! Can I get an ow ow? Man, he is a true hottie in his old age! Here are some pics since I know you know how good he is already! Can I say this was one of the best concerts I have been too! Plus I had my girls with so that made it 100 times better!!
My first time in some daisy dukes in over 2 yrs! Man it felt good! I also had some ruffles on, & my favorite Frye boots!

Saturday morning Ryan and I were up and to Home Depot by 7:30! We are trying to get our yard finished this Summer, so we can have Krews 1st birthday outdoors!!

For Father's Day Krew and I took Ryan out to breakfast to celebrate him, we took a long 2 hour nap, did some chores, and went to my parents for a BBQ!! It was an awesome day!!

Krew has been so much fun lately! I love buying him new toys!!

I had to see if my baby would still let me swaddle him. He did! It was the cutest. Than I made him suck his bink so he looked like a true newborn! (;

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I'm in LOVE

Linking up with Kelly at http://www.keepingupwithkellyandco.com/ for It's Friday I'm in Love.

I'm in LOVE with my son. His adventurous spirit warms my heart. He is going to spontaneous just like his mama! Words will never express how much joy he bring into my life!!

I'm in LOVE with my husband, as a father. I can't wait to celebrate his 1st official Father's Day with him!
Also, my dads 1st Father's Day as a Grandpa! He has really taken the role seriously and ran with it!

I'm in LOVE with this Halloween costume idea! Gussie & Krew will be rocking this outfit sooner rather than later! (;

I am EXTRA LOVIN' how much Krew loves puppies! My dad got one for Father's Day and Krew seriously cannot contain his excitement when he sees her. Her name is Sophie. I can't wait to see her and Krew grow up together!

Happy Friday!
I am gonna be jammin' to Tim McGraw in concert tonight!!



Is there such a thing? Is this an illusion Hollywood has made Americans think moms should be? Wether you are a SAHM, Full-Time working mama, Part-Time working mama, Single mama, etc etc. We all go through our daily struggles, our mental battles we have with ourselves, and the positive but sometimes negative feedback you receive when it's not even asked for.

I think I need to start this off by saying I honestly don't care what kind of mom you are. You are a mom and that is a wonderful, hard, and challenging job all in itself. I myself am a full-time working mama, I like the thought of making my own dough, sociallzing with adults, and doing something in my day to day life that is fulfilling to me. Yes, of course my son is the up most important thing in my life, his safety, health, and happiness are my #1. Does that mean I need to scarifice my own life for this? No, I just feel as though I have to work a little harder at trying to accomplish everything all in a day. So saying that, please do not take offense to this post, again if you don't believe in what I believe in, you go girl!

I struggle, I have my weeks where I want to flail my arms up in the air and just say "it's not worth it". Since Krew has been born both "steady" babysitters have bonked out on us. There was a time when husband and I seriously considered me staying at home. The child care costs, the idea of sending our 6 month old to daycare, going to bed late to make sure his bag is packed for the next day, getting up extra early to make sure we have enough time for a little spit up and outfit change before leaving the house, picking him up from work and being exhausted. All of it came into play for us. We have heard all sorts of opinions "Change your lifestyle", "I would never be away from my baby" "The money isn't worth it", but than I also have had many parents and young moms encouraging me, and cheer me on! I have dreams. I need to feel my own self worth. So if I am gonna leave my baby at all I need to Go Big or Go Home. I started a new full time job almost 2 months ago, I love it. I work 3 full days and 2 half days, so I still have 2 afternoons with my dude.I like to think I have the best of both worlds. The balls to leave my baby behind in someone elses care, the thought of going to bed at night knowing I am working my ass off to show my son that woman are just as important as men, and the thought of making this world a better place and adding to society!

My boss is always so encouraging and honest. My husband tells me everyday how good of a wife, and mom I am. My mother tells me she is proud of me for making something of myself, and most importantly my son seems happy. He has everything he needs and more. Finally we are comfortable as a family of 3! I think what I am really trying to get at here is that, whether you work 1 2 or even 3 jobs, you stay at home with your kiddies, or you work from home or whatever it is that you are doing. Make sure you are happy! Because when you are not happy it affects others!! It affects your children. For all of us moms out there, let's stick together in this crazy world and encourage each other, and reinforce the bond we all know we have as mothers!!

Happy Hump Day!

Baby Talk: In My Diaper Bag

Today I am linking up with my cutest bloggy friend Kristin, for Baby Talk: In My Diaper Bag.
I use to love reading these posts when I was pregnant and still enjoy them to help me best judge what Krew does and doesn't need! So here is a sneak peek into our diaper bag on a typical day out!


I use a Dooney & Bourke purse that I received for V-Day from hubby last year. I am not all for a traditional diaper bag! I like to spice it up! (;

1. I always pack an extra outfit, whenever I don't is when Krew actually needs one! I also started packing our Organic Sunscreen and his rockin' Babiators!!

2. I always keep back-up burp rags, and for these cooler Summer days I like the Aiden and Anais swaddles.

3. I always pack Sophie & his monkey wabbanub. It's hard to pack a lot of toys so I pack the basics I know he will be entertained with it.

4. Aside from formula, and a bottle. I always keep a stash of the pouches in my bag and an extra spoon. He has just recently started liking puffs so I keep those on hand too. I am all for organic formula, food, and sunscreen if ya can't tell!

5. I like to have the changing pad though I don't always pack it, it's nice for the car or to put over the diaper caddies at the mall, plus diapers and wipes of course!

6. I also am so down for the Johnson's face and hand wipes I love them and they smell yummy! Also, I can't rave enough about the boogie wipes!

I try to pack as light as possible. We very rarely leave the house for more than 4 or 5 hours at a time so I keep the necessities with me! As he has gotten older it has been a lot easier to pack to leave the house!

Happy Tuesday!
Link up next week!


Let them be little.

I don't want to forget this week. This week has been the most humbling week as a new mother thus far.

Monday morning Krew had a case of the Monday blues. He has been battling an ear infection and a round of croup. Once the nanny told me he hadn't stopped crying all morning, I knew something more must be up since he had been under the weather. Thank the Lord for my mother who ran to his rescue to assess the situation I was unable to drop things at work and leave. Once she was with Krew for a bit she called to let me know her opinion and that she thought he would need to go in again to see the pediatrician. We would rather play it safe. Long story short the doctor diagnosed my baby with separation anxiety. Great! As if leaving him everyday isn't hard enough on me! So I left work on a very busy Monday and spent the rest of the afternoon with my guy. I am so fortunate to have such an understanding boss! The rest of the week followed suit with mama guilt.

Today, Krew and I spent our afternoon at the pool. I kept catching myself staring at him, amazed at Gods work. This tiny miracle I have been so fortunate to mother for the past 8 months, I see myself in him. We share the same spirit, spontaneous with a little sass and zest for life. I love it. I also see my husband reserved and laid back. As I sat at the pool and watched Krew in his purity I teared up. I have been blessed by the grace of God. I don't call the shots anymore, I am no longer in charge of my life. Krew is. & that's fine. I have not had a bigger blessing than him. He makes me a better person, he makes me strive to be the very best mother, wife, daughter, sister. I cannot wait for what the future has in store for my tiny human, for us. He has taught me so much in his short life.

Now he is lying by my side as I type this. I have a few tears trickling down, I cannot and will not ever think I am deserving of having such a beautiful son, he calls me mom. Thank you thank you thank you God. I cannot every repay this feeling I can only spread it give good to this world. Thus I will teach Krew to do the same thing.

Good Night.