This weekend started out WILD!! Guys, I saw Tim McGraw in concert! Can I get an ow ow? Man, he is a true hottie in his old age! Here are some pics since I know you know how good he is already! Can I say this was one of the best concerts I have been too! Plus I had my girls with so that made it 100 times better!!
My first time in some daisy dukes in over 2 yrs! Man it felt good! I also had some ruffles on, & my favorite Frye boots!

Saturday morning Ryan and I were up and to Home Depot by 7:30! We are trying to get our yard finished this Summer, so we can have Krews 1st birthday outdoors!!

For Father's Day Krew and I took Ryan out to breakfast to celebrate him, we took a long 2 hour nap, did some chores, and went to my parents for a BBQ!! It was an awesome day!!

Krew has been so much fun lately! I love buying him new toys!!

I had to see if my baby would still let me swaddle him. He did! It was the cutest. Than I made him suck his bink so he looked like a true newborn! (;

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Vanessa said...

are you guys not moving now ?? we'll still be neighbors?? =))

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