I'm in LOVE

Linking up with Kelly at http://www.keepingupwithkellyandco.com/ for It's Friday I'm in Love.

I'm in LOVE with my son. His adventurous spirit warms my heart. He is going to spontaneous just like his mama! Words will never express how much joy he bring into my life!!

I'm in LOVE with my husband, as a father. I can't wait to celebrate his 1st official Father's Day with him!
Also, my dads 1st Father's Day as a Grandpa! He has really taken the role seriously and ran with it!

I'm in LOVE with this Halloween costume idea! Gussie & Krew will be rocking this outfit sooner rather than later! (;

I am EXTRA LOVIN' how much Krew loves puppies! My dad got one for Father's Day and Krew seriously cannot contain his excitement when he sees her. Her name is Sophie. I can't wait to see her and Krew grow up together!

Happy Friday!
I am gonna be jammin' to Tim McGraw in concert tonight!!

Kelly said...

Yay! Thanks for sharing what you're in love with this week! ;-D Happy Father's Day to all! Such sweet photos. Have fun at the concert tonight!

Lauren said...

aww...love those puppy pictures! Elyse loves her puppies too!

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