Is there such a thing? Is this an illusion Hollywood has made Americans think moms should be? Wether you are a SAHM, Full-Time working mama, Part-Time working mama, Single mama, etc etc. We all go through our daily struggles, our mental battles we have with ourselves, and the positive but sometimes negative feedback you receive when it's not even asked for.

I think I need to start this off by saying I honestly don't care what kind of mom you are. You are a mom and that is a wonderful, hard, and challenging job all in itself. I myself am a full-time working mama, I like the thought of making my own dough, sociallzing with adults, and doing something in my day to day life that is fulfilling to me. Yes, of course my son is the up most important thing in my life, his safety, health, and happiness are my #1. Does that mean I need to scarifice my own life for this? No, I just feel as though I have to work a little harder at trying to accomplish everything all in a day. So saying that, please do not take offense to this post, again if you don't believe in what I believe in, you go girl!

I struggle, I have my weeks where I want to flail my arms up in the air and just say "it's not worth it". Since Krew has been born both "steady" babysitters have bonked out on us. There was a time when husband and I seriously considered me staying at home. The child care costs, the idea of sending our 6 month old to daycare, going to bed late to make sure his bag is packed for the next day, getting up extra early to make sure we have enough time for a little spit up and outfit change before leaving the house, picking him up from work and being exhausted. All of it came into play for us. We have heard all sorts of opinions "Change your lifestyle", "I would never be away from my baby" "The money isn't worth it", but than I also have had many parents and young moms encouraging me, and cheer me on! I have dreams. I need to feel my own self worth. So if I am gonna leave my baby at all I need to Go Big or Go Home. I started a new full time job almost 2 months ago, I love it. I work 3 full days and 2 half days, so I still have 2 afternoons with my dude.I like to think I have the best of both worlds. The balls to leave my baby behind in someone elses care, the thought of going to bed at night knowing I am working my ass off to show my son that woman are just as important as men, and the thought of making this world a better place and adding to society!

My boss is always so encouraging and honest. My husband tells me everyday how good of a wife, and mom I am. My mother tells me she is proud of me for making something of myself, and most importantly my son seems happy. He has everything he needs and more. Finally we are comfortable as a family of 3! I think what I am really trying to get at here is that, whether you work 1 2 or even 3 jobs, you stay at home with your kiddies, or you work from home or whatever it is that you are doing. Make sure you are happy! Because when you are not happy it affects others!! It affects your children. For all of us moms out there, let's stick together in this crazy world and encourage each other, and reinforce the bond we all know we have as mothers!!

Happy Hump Day!
Ez said...

I think that if what your doing is right for you and your family then go for it. We all do what we need to, to make sure that we live the best lives that we can with our families :-)

Hilary said...

I loved this post. Good for you. :-)

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