Let them be little.

I don't want to forget this week. This week has been the most humbling week as a new mother thus far.

Monday morning Krew had a case of the Monday blues. He has been battling an ear infection and a round of croup. Once the nanny told me he hadn't stopped crying all morning, I knew something more must be up since he had been under the weather. Thank the Lord for my mother who ran to his rescue to assess the situation I was unable to drop things at work and leave. Once she was with Krew for a bit she called to let me know her opinion and that she thought he would need to go in again to see the pediatrician. We would rather play it safe. Long story short the doctor diagnosed my baby with separation anxiety. Great! As if leaving him everyday isn't hard enough on me! So I left work on a very busy Monday and spent the rest of the afternoon with my guy. I am so fortunate to have such an understanding boss! The rest of the week followed suit with mama guilt.

Today, Krew and I spent our afternoon at the pool. I kept catching myself staring at him, amazed at Gods work. This tiny miracle I have been so fortunate to mother for the past 8 months, I see myself in him. We share the same spirit, spontaneous with a little sass and zest for life. I love it. I also see my husband reserved and laid back. As I sat at the pool and watched Krew in his purity I teared up. I have been blessed by the grace of God. I don't call the shots anymore, I am no longer in charge of my life. Krew is. & that's fine. I have not had a bigger blessing than him. He makes me a better person, he makes me strive to be the very best mother, wife, daughter, sister. I cannot wait for what the future has in store for my tiny human, for us. He has taught me so much in his short life.

Now he is lying by my side as I type this. I have a few tears trickling down, I cannot and will not ever think I am deserving of having such a beautiful son, he calls me mom. Thank you thank you thank you God. I cannot every repay this feeling I can only spread it give good to this world. Thus I will teach Krew to do the same thing.

Good Night.
Schnelle said...

This is so sweet, you should save this for him to look back on one day. Aubrey gets separation anxiety toward the end of the day usually but I'm only away from her 2 days out of the week, the rest of the week I work from home.

Jordan and McKenzie said...

Sarah! This post is just beautiful. You're such a good mama! He's one lucky boy and he just keeps getting cuter and cuter (if that's possible)!

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