8 Months!!

Krew Arthur
8 Months!!

Height and Weight: I am unsure on this. I am going to guess he is around 20 pounds or so. He is really little to me!! He is in a swim class on Saturdays and it definitely one of the smaller dudes! So cute!!

Health: I say this every single time but, Thank God for blessing me with a healthy baby. To all you mamas out there with sick babies KUDOS to you! The stress that comes along with this is unimaginable!

Sleep: He sleeps through the night and has since he was about 4 1/2 months. Since we switched him into his own room in his own crib he sleeps  A LOT better! He goes down around 8:30 and wakes up around 7:00 a.m. It is so awesome! His naps have been quite a bit off lately, I wish I could take a week off to get him trained again. I am trying to get him out of the habit of his swing because he is growing out. It also seems like he is only needing 2 naps a day. Instead of 3. 

Diet: He is still drinking 7 oz of Earth's Best Organic formula every 3 to 4 hours! He also loves salmon, green beans, eggs, and sugar toast. He loves snack foods and juice! I am slowly weaning my baby of his bottle. I am such an advocate of healthy foods. Start them young so they know they can't eat candy for candy and snacks all through the day! 

Clothes: Seems Krew is finally starting to slow down in this department. For awhile there he was going through clothes like crazy. He is in 9 month clothes and slowly starting to wear 12 months. Which is good for mamas wallet since we love us some Baby Gap! (;

Baby Gear Love: His tree swing is still a BIG hit, he loves his inflatable pool, his walker sports car, balls, and he thinks our pug is a chew toy! Oh well, boys will be boys!!

Crying: Krew doesn't cry. He more whines. He cries if he is too hungry of course and if he gets hurt but that's it! So lucky!

Likes: His Grandpa, His dad, Sophie the puppy, Gus his brother dog, Food, Jake & The Neverland Pirates, being outside, and swimming lessons!

Postpartum: I hate this question! I am doing great! 7 more pounds away from pre-Krew which may or may not be obtainable. I feel great about myself and my body I try not to focus on the numbers! I also have a 1/2 marathon coming up in August!!

Milestones: My dude is DAYS away from crawling. He can also pull himself up onto things, and he repeatedly says DADA, although I try to correct him by saying mama!! He is a jibber jabber and he also tries to give kisses open mouthed!

My son,
Krew mom can't even explain the happiness and joy you bring into my life. You light up my world with the brightest light possible. I strive everyday to better your life. Dad loves you so much and the bond you two have is an incredible sight. You are starting to learn the things mom will give you that dad doesn't and vice versa. I love our bedtime routine and wouldn't skip a moment with you for anything. The way the sun hits your pretty face makes every emotion I could ever feel multiply. I love you so so very much little buddy. Don't ever forget it!
Love, Mom

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