Baby Talk: In My Diaper Bag

Today I am linking up with my cutest bloggy friend Kristin, for Baby Talk: In My Diaper Bag.
I use to love reading these posts when I was pregnant and still enjoy them to help me best judge what Krew does and doesn't need! So here is a sneak peek into our diaper bag on a typical day out!


I use a Dooney & Bourke purse that I received for V-Day from hubby last year. I am not all for a traditional diaper bag! I like to spice it up! (;

1. I always pack an extra outfit, whenever I don't is when Krew actually needs one! I also started packing our Organic Sunscreen and his rockin' Babiators!!

2. I always keep back-up burp rags, and for these cooler Summer days I like the Aiden and Anais swaddles.

3. I always pack Sophie & his monkey wabbanub. It's hard to pack a lot of toys so I pack the basics I know he will be entertained with it.

4. Aside from formula, and a bottle. I always keep a stash of the pouches in my bag and an extra spoon. He has just recently started liking puffs so I keep those on hand too. I am all for organic formula, food, and sunscreen if ya can't tell!

5. I like to have the changing pad though I don't always pack it, it's nice for the car or to put over the diaper caddies at the mall, plus diapers and wipes of course!

6. I also am so down for the Johnson's face and hand wipes I love them and they smell yummy! Also, I can't rave enough about the boogie wipes!

I try to pack as light as possible. We very rarely leave the house for more than 4 or 5 hours at a time so I keep the necessities with me! As he has gotten older it has been a lot easier to pack to leave the house!

Happy Tuesday!
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Lauren said...

we love the boogie wipes! I'll have to check out the Johnson's face and hand wipes, those sound great for sticky hands and faces!

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