7 Months!!

Krew Arthur
7 months

Height and Weight: Basing this off of his 6 month well check 3 weeks ago, I would say he is somewhere between 17-19 pds. Probably 27 inches or so! He is such a chunky monkey to us because of his low birth size when he was born! It's too yummy!

Health: I wake up every single day thanking God for blessing me with a healthy happy baby. I cannot even fathom the thought of something happening to him. He is also getting in his 2 bottom teeth! You can see the right one is gonna bust through any dang day!

Sleep: He is an amazing sleeper! He goes down around 8:30 and wakes around 6:30. Lately he has been waking up hungry around 3:00 AM. That's okay, I put him back in bed with us after I fed him this morning. It was pure bliss. We snuggled and he woke up in the best mood!

Diet: Dude loves groceries! He is still going strong on Earths Best formula and solids. Some of his favorites are apples, sweet potatoes, and carrots. I need to start venturing into more "mature" foods!

Clothes: KMoney is wearing 9-12 month clothes! It is so sad. We made a trip to BabyGap to pick him up some cute Summer outfits! I love shopping for him way more than I like shopping for myself.
Baby Gear Love: Currently he is obsessed with the new tree swing we bought him. He cries when we take him out. It is kinda pathetic. He just sits in there and grins from ear to ear while we push him. I sit and wonder if he gets that funny feeling in his little baby belly!

Crying: He NEVER cries. I don't know how I got so lucky! Of course he cries if he needs something but that is seriously it!
Likes: His tree swing and his new swimming pool. His puppies, and his dada, and of course his Grandpa.

Postpartum:  I think I had a little set back this week. I took a 1/2 hour long hardcore abs class with my bestie this past week and can I just say I think I messed something up in my stomach! My itch to get back into shape has been taken to the extreme and I am paying for it!
Social: My little man is quite the chatterbox. He squeels with excitement and LOVES to hear his own voice. He is getting to be so fun. He follows me with his eyes everywhere and when I come home from work he is like a kid on Christmas! I love it so much!

Milestones: He is starting to crawl backwards! It's so funny to leave him in once place and to watch him and see where he ends up! He is so good with his eye/hand coordination too!

Hey dude,
I can't even begin to tell you how fun this stage with you is. You are so curious and such a little charmer. You smile at me when I get home from work and my heart burst into a million pieces! I love you so very much. You will never understand this love until you have a child of your own. It's weird for me to think Grandma loves me this much. Thank you for choosing me to be your mom and for being so understanding to me while I am venturing through this new mom thing. You seriously rock my world kiddo!

Love ya,

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