2014 year in review!

As this year is coming to an end THANK GOD! I have been reflecting back on all we have been blessed with yes, even the bad. We had a year full of ups & downs, I think most of the things were REALLY difficult but we overcame them and looking back now we had a year FULL of good things! We are very very fortunate for all things.

There were 3 things on my resolutions list that I was unable to accomplish this year. Fortunately, and unfortunately they were personal goals. I set the standards for myself physically REALLY high. I always have. I didn't even register for a single half marathon nor did I even really consider doing the FULL marathon. Next year though, I plan on registering for the Spudman again even though It will only be a little more than 6 weeks recovery after baby #2 I am still going to give it a go. I also plan on doing a half marathon in September and MAYBE try to get into the St. George FULL marathon.
Also, we did a week of potty training Krew and it went REALLY well and we honestly should have just stuck to it. But, we didn't and that's ok. We are going to try working with him in March. I don't want to start too soon or before any of us are ready!

In January Krew burned his hand, he had surgery in February. In February we also took a mini trip to California with my parents. San Diego is one of our favorite places to visit as a family! We also paid off Ryans truck!! No more truck payment!! HUGE goal for us!

In March we put our house up for sale and had to deal with what seemed like millions of showings. Showings with 2 dogs and a toddler were so annoying!

In April we moved into my parents basement. In April we also bought our 2nd home, picked out every fun little detail and watched it go up from the ground!

May - June we celebrated little things and continued to watch our home be built! It was always so exciting! We also traveled to St. George as a couple and left Krew at home. It was such a fun and memorable trip we still talk about it! Traveling more was one of our resolutions as well!

July we celebrated the 4th in Idaho and I crossed off a BIG goal on my resolutions list which was the Spudman Triathlon. You can read my post about that HERE. This summer we were fortunate enough to spend lots of quality time with my father in law.

August we celebrated 6 years of blissful marriage! Let's get real marriage isn't always easy.

September we took Krew to Lagoon for the 1st time & we found out we were expecting baby #2 another BIG goal on our resolutions list!

In October we traveled to St. George to watch my older sister run the marathon. And we dove right into Krewpalooza and my father in law, his girlfriend, and my Grandmother in law came down to help us celebrate! Such fun times! Krew dressed up as Lightning McQueen for Halloween and got lots of candy trick or treating with his cousins!!

In November we FINALLY moved into our new house but we also dealt with the very unexpected and difficult loss of my sweet father in law. We also were able to spend a lot of time with family in Idaho and tried our best to count our blessing on Thanksgiving! We also announced baby #2 on our Christmas cards AND we found out the gender!!

December is still going strong and we are heading to Disneyland next week! This wasn't on our resolutions list, but traveling more was so this totally counts! Krew saw Santa and we have been loving the time in our new house!!

Each night I say my prayers and count my blessings. Ryan and I are reving up for 2015 and our new baby!! I have some resolutions up my sleeve but no list yet! I hope to have that soon! I am going to take a couple hours while on the beach by myself to really reflect on my next year of life, I turn 26 and will be adding another baby to our family. It's set up to be a good one and I hope it meets our expectations! What are your resolutions? What are your plans for the new year?


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