2015 Resolutions

I cannot believe that in 2 days it will be 2015! We have had such a crazy year in 2014 and I hope things calm down in 2015 and we are able to slow down a little bit. Something tells me with a 2 year old and a newborn, slowing down is the last thing that is going to happen for us. I of course always set a few resolutions for myself personally, and as a family. Just goals that I would like to see us achieve and celebrate. I am very pleased with how well writing things down and actually seeing them accomplished worked out for us in 2014. So, we are gonna give it another shot!

  • Continue to make our house a home. We need some new furnishings, pictures, and our backyard needs to be put in for fun things this summer!
  • Potty train Krew. This is a must. Preferably by May, we'll see.
  • Plan a nursery & name baby GIRL!! 
  • Get Krews glove off. We are REALLY shooting for March! 
  • Visit my in-laws in Idaho as much as possible. We never ever do this enough.
  • Work on some family relationships. I would really like to put more effort into relationships with people in my family. Genuine, quality time.
  • Give birth! (This will happen whether I am ready or not)
  • Enjoy at least 3 Summer vacations as a family! 
  • Compete in Spudman 2015. So excited for this!
  • Complete 2 more half marathons in under 2:15. I had this goal for myself last year but obviously it's up here again. I am really going to push for this, especially since I will be trying to get rid of baby weight.
  • Love & celebrate my marriage as much as humanly possible. I know this should be a goal each and every day but we are coming up on the 7 year itch and adding another baby to the mix. I want to make sure I am giving it my all.
  • Finish a FULL marathon. Again, this was on my list last year. My mom and sister run the St. George marathon every year and I just think it would be so friggin' cool to cross the finish line hand in hand with those 2! I better get on this before my mom needs to retire her hip!

There is nothing too serious on here unlike last year when we were trying to sell our house and buy a new one. These are mostly personal things. As baby girl comes we will see where life takes us!

I wish everyone a very happy, healthy 2015. Set some goals for yourself and really stick to them! It's so awesome seeing everything pan out as it should! God is good and works in mysterious ways! Stay confident and follow your dreams!

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