1st appointment & 10 week update!

I am actually writing this on 11/11. How cute. Anyways, R and I ventured to our 1st prenatal appointment on Friday 11/07. I was so nervous for this, for some reason during this pregnancy I have been way more nervous than I ever was with Krew. I honestly think it's because I know the meaning of life & the value of having a healthy & happy baby. Everything went REALLY well. We went over LOTS, somethings were just reminders. I have planned on working out and running for a majority of my pregnancy however due to my last premie I've been told I need to take it pretty easy. I will need to meet with a specialist at our integrated screening and each couple weeks after that, he will work with me to help keep my energy up but our chances of another premie down. My Vitamin D level and Iron level are both extremely low so I have started taking supplements to help both of those. My thyroid seems to be acting up a little bit too so I will have to have monthly blood tests to keep an eye on everything! Also, starting around 16-20 weeks I will have to start injecting myself with progesterone shots, right in my bum. This will help keep contractions down and my cervix from opening too soon to hopefully prevent another pre-term labor. I will try and document my journey the best that I can.

We meet with a specialist in January to go over all things keep baby in for as long as possible! Now on to the ultrasound which is always my favorite part, based off my LMP I am 11 weeks but based off my ultrasound I am just 10 weeks which puts my due date at June 4th! We are so excited to be welcoming another baby into our crazy family! My o.b projects I will have the babe in the middle of May, so happy to be having a summer baby! No worrying about weather for birthday parties! 

How far along? 
10 weeks!!

 Total weight gain/loss: 
When I was weighed at the doctor on 11/07 I was 106 pds. Which was a lot less than I was thinking. So I am going to go with that as my pre-pregnancy weight. I think between the move, and a little stress I dropped a couple pds. My doctor recommended I stay below 130 so that's the goal.

Now that we are in our new home and somewhat settled I have been sleeping like a dream. I hate to use any medication so early on. Luckily, I usually crash within minutes. 

 Best moment this week: 
Since it's only Tuesday I am going to revert this back to Friday and seeing our little bean on the screen!

None yet. I do hear with a second pregnancy you feel them a lot earlier on. We will see!

Jesus, constipation, headaches, back pain, the list goes on. Our little babe is worth it! <3 em="">

 Food cravings: 
Pickles, Cocoa Puffs, Anything sweet!

 Food aversions:
Cheeseburgers, Chicken, most fast food.

We don't know yet. We both think we will be blessed with another little boy! We will wait and find out on Christmas Day in San Diego!

Labor Signs:

Belly Button in or out?
Still in.

What I miss:
Staying up late, drinking with friends, and my clothes!

What I am looking forward to:
Sending out our Christmas cards and finally announcing to the world that we are expecting!! 

Weekly Wisdom: 
Enjoy the day as it comes. Keep your stress low and jump in that garden bath whenever you need it!

Getting moved in and settled!

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