Game Changer

I went and laid back down in bed. Of course I couldn't sleep but I was so tired I needed to lay down and I didn't want to hover over the test in fear of seeing a negative. I said a quick prayer, tried my best to leave it up to God. I have always said if I was only ever blessed with Krew than I of course would be totally happy and blessed and ok with 1 child. I stumbled back into the bathroom..

I was in disbelief!
Like so totally utterly shocked! I was freaking out. I skipped back into bed. Googled my due date and was so giddy to find I would have a summer baby! I didn't want to wake up Ryan. I wanted him fully rested so we could hang out all day on Saturday. I didn't fall back asleep all night. So many thoughts were running through my head. I kissed Krew 5 dozen times and pictured him as a big brother. In my heart he is still a baby. How in the world will he handle taking on the role of big brother. I cried thinking of our growing family, soon we would be in our dream home and planning on bringing yet another precious human being into this world. Around 5 AM I finally drifted back to sleep. I woke up with a smile and some butterflies in my tummy. I had to tell Ryan. We drove to our new house to check out the progress and I kept my mouth quiete. I didn't want to tell him just anyway I wanted to tell him at our new house where the memories were going to be made. It was locked we couldn't get in until 10. He asked me if I had taken the test and I told him No I forgot and that I would take it the next morning. He wasn't having it. I broke out and told him. I couldn't keep it from him any longer. He had the biggest grin on his face. He was so happy. He is always so supportive and full of life. I just love him. We decided we wanted to keep it a secret. We did want to tell those closest to us though. I will post about how we did that soon!! For now.. I am writing this on October 14th. According to my LMP I am about 7.5 weeks and still in shock! We have our first appointmnet on November 7th. We are estatic!!

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