Life Lately

After finding out we were expecting again, moving, Thanksgiving, and now prepping for our trip to Disneyland things have been pretty hectic! I try to document little moments in our life that I love. If you follow me on instagram you have probably already seen some of these! If not, I hope you like them. It's always so fun to go back through your instafeed and remember all those memories!
This was us at Krew's 2nd birthday party! We had so much fun, it was Cars themed of course! It was a small intimate party with our closest family! Krew slept through 80% of it but I think we all had fun!

Krew begged to be Lightning McQueen for Halloween. I couldn't find a cute costume that actually looked like McQueen anywhere. I came across this jacket at H&M and figured it was perfect! We had a fun night with his cousins!!
Our fridge was delivered the day we moved in and it completed the look to our kitchen! I still love love it,
The stress of moving really caught up to our little guy!
1 night my belly really popped. I had ate around 4 bowls of cereal. I freaking love cold cereal!
My nieces & nephews are my sunshine!! I love them so much and Krew always has so much fun with them.
Hubby and I have been squeezing lots of date nights in! Its been nice.

We are excited for Disneyland and San Diego for Christmas. I am excited to come back to real life to and have my schedule settle down. I want to be able to focus more on getting our new home put together, and baby #2!

We also already know the gender and we plan on sharing it in a fun way while we are in Disneyland!


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