Friday's Letters

T.G.I.F peeps!!
Linking up with Ashley Slater for Friday's Letters! I haven't done a link-up in awhile! I am getting back into the groove of blogging finally!

Dear Krewbie, please be gentle on mom tonight and tomorrow morning. It's my night because daddy has to work tomorrow. Let's start our weekend off right.
Dear husband, thanks for kicking ass at work all the time. I enjoy my trips to Target. (; Also, you know what's on my birthday list! Hey hey!
Dear friends, I can't freaking wait to go sledding on Sunday. I am like a little kid on Christmas!
Dear weekend, don't be rough on me like you were last time. I had a hard time kicking through this week because you kicked my ass!

birthday wish list.
my little man rocks bow ties.
need i say more?
seriously can't handle his cuteness!!

Hilary said...

I'd much rather hear "I'm Nate Archibald." :-X

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