baby talk!

As I posted earlier this week hubbs & I had the official "baby talk". I mean of course we discussed it before we were married and mentioned things like baby names and hair color every now and then but we have never really had an official plan. We both have always been very "anti-kids" now that I sit down and actually plan out my life I don't think it's the kids part as much as it is the "freedom" part. We like our freedom and we do as we please ALWAYS. That's just the way we like it, but when we are 50 are we always going to want to do our own thing? NO! Of course not, we are going to want a stable household with kids and grandkids! So, as we have seen our friends grow up, and go in different directions with kids and what not it has really made us re-evaluate what we truly want out of life and when. The decision has been made to wait 2 more years. If you know me well enough you will know that I need everything planned out to the T. Date, Time, Outfits EVERYTHING I am a planning FREAK! So, our game plan is to:

  1. Put our home up For Sale in 1 year 1/2. We want something newer, bigger, and of course out of Kearns!
  2. Make sure our jobs are completely stable.
  3. Start TTC
  4. Purchase our next home that we will be in until our kids are in High School or so.
  5. Have our kiddies back to back so they are very close in age.
See, that is what I am talking about with lists. Does anyone else have a list of how their life needs to go in order? Hubbs thinks I am crazy but happily goes with it! I know things aren't going to work out EXACTLY as planned but I like to think so and will try my hardest for it all to happen! Call me a freak but I want to be 110% sure we can support ourselves before we bring another human being into our live! Crazy to think that I have my sweet husband for the rest of my life! FOREVER! & I am so lucky to be the one he chose to be his baby mama! I Now, where is my 2 year coutdown ticker?!
JDub said...

I love this post! We are a lot alike, I have a plan for everything. Baby #1 was nice enough to cooperate, but we'll see about Baby #2. I would put a count down ticker on my blog if our family didn't read it, but I prefer for them to not know or they'll be all over me. You definitely need one on top though!

CMae said...

It's good to have some sort of a direction when it comes to family. I think you are not over planning just trying to be smart financially! :)

Bethany said...

Good for you!! I am right there with you on planning everything out. How can anyone just not? Are they crazy?! or maybe we are the crazy ones? Nah!!

Rebekah said...

I have a list just like this! We too have talked about this but we have no idea as to when to even try. I think we'll just know.

Anonymous said...

OK, I apologize that this comment has absolutely nothing to do with your post....but I'm a new follower and your dog Gus Gus is soooo stinkin' cute!!!! Is he a puggle?!

Ashley said...

Smart lady, it's always great to plan ahead. You most definitely aren't crazy to have your lists and plans made, it only gets worse once you have children trying to keep organized. :)

Barras' said...

Thanks for the sweet comments ladies! Kristen thanks Gus Gus is my little mama's boy! He is 1/2 pug 1/2 boston terrier so his face isn't as smooshed in and most pugs! I agree he is the cutest pug in the world!

Brittany said...

I am not a planner!

Maybe I should be! I'm inspired!

p.s. I promise that no matter what you will never ever regreat having kids! I PROMISE!

Kevin Michael said...

Great blog!

I'm also iffy on the kids thing because I love my freedom, but maybe in a few years that will change. Once you get to be around 50 or so, I think grandkids are starting to be wanted...Makes me think. =)

Aimee said...

Thx for stopping by.... HMMMMMMMM how come my bf always comments right above me on all the blogs? I swear Im not stalking him

I want kids when Im 30. I think its a great age. Im all about freedon as well but i know I want kids one day...just not anytime soon

Seems like you guys have a good plan. You should totally have a countdown meter lol. 2 years until I start to consider giving up freedom (or some cooler name).

I like your blog a lot... I too love lists and planning things out. :)

Thanks for following me. Im a follower now

B said...

I'm such a planner, too. We sort of have a plan for our baby schedule, but to be honest, i'm sure it'll happen when we're not expecting it. Ha :)

Ashley Kate said...

Lists are good! I love a little OCD in a person :) I make a list every day for every thing. I think having a life's to-do list helps you keep your focus!

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