Boise State

If you don't know already Husbear is a HUGE Boise State fan. (HUGE being an understatement) He was born in Idaho and has some sort of freaked out craze for the Broncos'. Not sure if you rememeber reading THIS we have lost some friends over the rivalry. Living in UT and all it's pretty fun to see how worked up some people can get about it. I mean I only enjoy this and like to watch the games because I know how much R likes it and enjoys it when I get into it too. So in no way am I one of those fat girls who "acts" like they know everything about football and just "loves the game". Honestly I don't, I put on a smile and cute outfit for my hubbs as I know he would be my cheerleader for something I throughly enjoy! So for those who can't admit that Boise is a good time and that they do deserve to be in the MWC here is to another GREAT football season! ;]

I am planning a HUGE small party for hubbs with his closest friends who are indeed Boise Fans too! I am going to make some yummy football rice krispies
ands LOTS of blue and orange decor! I hope hubbs enjoys it because I have been having a blast planning it all! Invitations will be coming in the mail by the end of the week I will be sure and get a picture up as the decorations come in and of course get one on game day! :]

Who are you rooting for this football season?

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