For all of us Hillzies out there I found Tuesdays episode kinda boring! I mean other then the fight with Stephanie it was just kinda bland! I need more DRAMA! I am really surprised by how well Audrina and Kristen are getting along! Oh! and don't you think her and Ryan Cabrrera are such an adorable couple?
I do!
Okay now seriously Stephanie you really need to GIVE UP the drama! I have never liked her.. I mean I know I shouldn't just not like her because she is Spencers sister but I just DON'T like her! In all defense to Kristen she pinned the nail right on the head by saying she had no room to talk with the 2 or 3 DUI's (or whatever) she has had! Boo Hoo Stephanie your brother is rude to you. He is rude to everyone and you really shouldn't care that much because no one likes him anyways! Yeah of course he is family but I don't think she should just let him treat her that way! He is only doing it to make himself feel better!!

(Guys give it up NOW, please & thank you!)
H's for HEIDI! Are you freaking kidding me here people? Do they even make bras that BIG?!!! AHHH!! Share some of that wealth over here girlfrann!! If I had a lot of money I would start a fund for girLs who are self consious with their small ta ta's and I would donate money! If its going to make you feel better I don't know why not? BUT Heidi has taken way OVERBOARD!!

As for Ms. Kristen Cavallari and the rumors about being on crack leave the poor girl alone! She has admitted to trying cocaine in high school but said she did not like it and has not done it sense. Why would someone who has done something before and is possibly still on it admit to something like that? Yeah she is skinny! So what! There are a lot of skinny girls in America it doesn't mean they are all on crack! What is America coming too? First they judge women for being too fat or too skinny now if you do have a nice body your on drugs?? What a great example to set to young women everywhere!

Keep rockin' your shit girL!!

That's my update on The Hills! Obvi. I love it!!
Peace out homies
Adorably Distracted... said...

Hahah I completely agree on all of this... I died when I heard her say H's for Heidi!! What a freaking nut job! Maybe Spencer could just let her borrow some jewelry... maybe that will help her be less self conscious!? lol Can't wait till next week

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