Mothers Day

Words cannot express how much this woman means to me so I am not even going to try but since she did bring me into this world and still gives me all the things my spoiled little hands can get ahold of I felt I needed to give her a little shoutout! So here is to you mom for all of the late nights you spent up with me as a baby, waiting for me to get home when I would miss curfew, all the track meets you would volunteer for and sit through, and for all of the morals and values you have taught me.
I only aspire to be a mother like you. You are so hardworking, caring, loving and selfless. Thanks for putting your 2 girls and husband before yourself. I coudln't imagine my life without you and am so grateful for you each and every day! I love you so much and appreciate everything you have done to help me reach my dreams!
(I better stop before I tear up!)

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