Park City

Having the amazing husband that I have he planned us a little 1 night getaway to Park City! We headed up after work grabbed some dinner at a new place called Maxwells where I had some delish bomb dig spinach ravioli then we headed to The Peaks hotel! It was amazing and so relaxing! We like to take these kind of trips at least once a month to make sure we are on the same page and to reconnect. I love this man more then words can express and through the years of being with him I have finally came to the realization of who I am.

(this was the 1st night we met! Look at our baby chubb!)
 I have rid of all of the bad people, feelings, and emotions and I honestly feel like I am a whole new person and I owe it all to him. I don't dwell on the past, I don't get as irritated at little stuff, I have finally learned to just let things roll of my shoulder. I am in such a great place in life and I finally know who the people are that I can fall back on and I know they will be there to catch me. I am so blessed to have amazing parents and a bigger sis who will be here for me through thick in thin even though we have our days! We are very grateful to have such an awesome relationship with husbands older sister, our brother in law, and our neice and nephew. I honestly have no idea where I would be without this man and cannot thank him enough for the amazing life he gives to me and for how hard he works for us and for our families. I can finally rest my head at  night and be happy and content with myself. In return this makes me more kind, compassionate, and empathetic towards everyone. I'm always in a good mood and I'm always trying to do the right thing even for complete strangers! So here is a shout out to the man of my dreams, soul mate, best friend, and confidant and our family for ALWAYS being here for us and helping us see the real meaning of life.
(Park City... exuse me I was sick)
It only gets better from here!

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