Tis the season..

NO.... not Christmas yet.. In the Barras household its hunting season!! Every October Ry gets his things packed and takes off for what seems like a million years! Being a newlywed and having some attatchment issues I am dreading him leaving!! DREADING!! Its not so much that I am scared to be home alone.. as it just being A LONE.. Not having my best friend to talk to or see when I am having a bad day! He is leaving for a whole week here people!! I am already planning on staying with my mom and dad.. ahh my mom doing my laundry my dad cooking me yummy homemade meals! Does it get better? While I will be here still doing my same thing, Ry and his buddies Bobby B, and Brandon, well and Kenny B of course will be having a good ol' time hunting! After seeing The Time Traver's Wife I am really weary of him going and just nervous I guess. I would be nothing without Ryan and can't imainge my day by day life without him next to me. I feel like I am writing his obiturary or something... pathetic me.. Just note: I will miss him LOTS!! So on a happier note I will leave you of this picture. It reminds me of Ryan to the T and I laughed my ass off when I saw it. Hope you enjoy it as well!!


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