Day 18

Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why:

I'm starting to wonder if my blog is starting to become more about other people then myself. Or am I getting less selfish?? Nah... I am just in love with my husband so of course I'd want to switch lives with him for one day. We could see each other from a whole new light, we could feel how the other one feels, walk their steps at work everyday, learn to communicate the way you'd like too, and maybe get a better feeling about what each other goes through on a day to day basis.

Dear Ryan,
I love you to pieces and you know this, but if you could walk a day in my life I think I'd work your butt to the floor. Just like how I beat you in almost everything that we compete in, like the basketball game at the arcade tonight. Do you remember how I schooled you in hoopes. Yup, that's me your sweet wife. I know you like to play things off like you let me beat you but deep down you envy my mad skills and wish you could be like me. Again, I love you and your handsome.

Me your over acheiving, always competeing beautiful Wife

P.S We only have 2 work days next week until our vacation!!


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