Day 4

A Habit I wish I didn't have Is:

I damn the person who invented texting! Sometimes it all I do, I send out about 500 text messages a day! I HATE talking on the phone so if you every try to reach me try it by text message it's pathetic! My parents get so mad at me, especially when I am busy and I don't hear the vibrate alert they start to worry especially if I don't answer the phone! I usually hit ignore then send ya "Hey, What's up?"Yep, it's that bad.
Rebekah said...

I'm a texture too! It drives me crazy, but I prefer it to being on the phone!

Aimee said...

I hate talking on the phone now too... But holy hell that is a lot of texting

Marian said...

Oh, I am the exact same way. I don't know when or how or why I started relaying on texting but I totally do. I'm way to awkward on the phone:)

Have a lovely weekend

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Texting is a big habit of mine too, but it's so much easier than talking and a way more efficient way of communicating... if you ask me :)

Mrs. G said...

LOL nice!! It's funny b/c when people do that to me, (not answer, then text me), i'm like "what the heck?! Just call me back!". :) I like to text sometimes, especially when I can't call someone (like in movies or at work) but I also enjoy good, old fashion talking on the phone. :)
Hope you have a great Saturday!!!!!

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