Day 14

A picture of me and my family.

Do I hate to say that the people/things shown in this post are all that I really need? Nope, not one little but I trust these 8 people with my life and if I have no one else then I am perfectly conent with that. I mean look at freaking neice and nephew seriously?! Love everyone shown here in these pictures.

I thought I would throw this one on here to since
A) It says a picture of "YOU" and your family.
B) I'm selfish and everything is about ME
C) My nephew is handsome
D) I can because it's my blog.
E) My nephew is
Rebekah said...

Love all of the pictures! The last one is precious. He is super cute!

Brittany said...

I love a good family!

You are blessed!

That last picture is too cute for words!

GracieNbalsMommy said...

So after seeing more pictures of you I'm totally convinced you would look ADORABLE on that pink bike you're wanting!

Kevin Michael said...

I went to enough, a picture of your nephew. =)

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