Trip Part 2

OH MY G!! Our night in St. George was THE freaking best! We only met up with my parents, and sissy for awhile because we had date night with my 2nd cousin Susan and her husband Buddy! They own their own business called Mild to Wild doing Rhino tours through the Red Cliffs, Sand Hollow, and all through St. George I can't even tell you how much fun we had on this ride! Gussie boy was even able to come with us, we started off the ride by stopping and fueling up with gas and picking up sandwhiches for a picnic once we got to the top. As a kid I didn't do much of the off roading stuff like this so it was so exciting for me to get out and get a little dirty! I am mostly going to show pictures because it will be too hard trying to explain everything that we did on the ride! Hope you like them! Go check out their website and if you are ever in the area you HAVE to do this. I highly reccomend it, family or not! Mild To Wild

Yup, Gussie LOVED it! (:

He really thought he was sumfin'

I have a pretty mean aim. I kicked the boyys butts! (: Surprised?

It was gorgeous weather

Anazasi Drawings

My Gussie Son & I have the time of our lives!!

We reached the top just in time for sunset

We enjoyed our picnic up here!

Followed by coLd beers!

I love him to the end of the world and back!

You see see EVERYTHING!!

We stayed the night in Apply Valley where my cousin lives and we had to get up early in time to see my mom and sister come across the finish line! Needless to say we were about 2 hours early and boy it was hott!!
Kevin Michael said...

You guys are adorable!

Jessica said...

Wow, those views are spectacular! Looks like Gussie had a blast. LOL

Stephanie Hartman said...

Those are great pics glad you had a blast it's always nice to try something different for a change lol.

Annie said...

looks like you two had a lot of fun!! love all the pictures!! :)

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