Friday's Letters

As I type this I am sitting in my office at 2:00 yesterday. Waiting for the clock to strike 4:30 so I can get the fuhh cuhh out of work and start my 3 day weekend!! Since I am spending my day today (Friday) painting a last bit and deep cleaning the nursery so we can pick up our crib tomorrow I figured I'd keep you entertained slightly with Friday's Letters.

Dear Ryan Lochte,
Thank you for giving this preggie some eye candy during the sometimes boring Olympic swimming events. I'm a true fan of your sexy body, and please let your mom know I see nothing wrong with one night stands. Who said I wanted to talk anyways? Call me! Maybe? ::smooch::

Dear Summer Heat,
I usually love you. I'm sad to say this year I f**king hate your guts! I'm so hott all the time and I can't even get a good tan out of you! I need to protect my little bun! Maybe our friendship can return next Summer? Don't forget I once loved you..

Dear Daddy-O,
Thanks for being such a gentlemen, I couldn't get through this pregnancy without your constant attention.
You know I love these yummy family bbqs we have. I'm lucky to have you!

Dear Boise State Season,
Bring it on baby! So ready for the teeth clinching games and fun of it all! True football girl fan here! Oh, and fantasy football with my 3 favorite boys? Yes!!

John and Randi said...

Totally agree with the heat...I am so ready for Fall Weather. Maybe just maybe I won't feel like I am going to die all the time!

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