Tuesday Boozeday!

Ha! I wish! These long Summer days are killing me, I'd kill for a mango majitio. I really would; to ease the stress, ease my aches and pains, and to just have an overall good "buzz"! I'm not one to get wasted but I'd sure go for a nice ol' buzz right now. Now that that is out there I'm really not going to drink I don't believe in partaking in anything that may cause harm to my baby but a girl can dream. Right?

Any who,
I feel the Summer is quickly slowly winding down. School starts here in UT in a couple of weeks and once Sept hits you can count on the feel of fall coming out in full effect! I have so much to do, what seems like 3 months, or 15 weeks, or 100 days is so far away the past 6 months has flown by before my eyes! I can't believe I am 6 months! We finally have MOST of the nursery put together. We still need

  • Curtains
  • Shelf for above crib
  • Artwork
  • Glider/Rocker
  • Closet Door
  • Rug

It doesn't seem like much but with my champagne taste on a beer budget it's difficult. I tell my husband I am only going to go have my 1st child ONCE therefore I am going to go all out. Just like I spent $200 on this Whale Quilt from Etsy. Yeah, $200 for a blanket. Who would have thought I'd be that into something, my baby NEEDED it the nursery NEEDED it. Now I need to find a bumper, sheets, a skirt etc. Add an extra $200 and we are at about $400 for the crib bedding! I love it though, here is a sneak peek:

We finally got the crib in and up in the nursery (with a few paint problems on the headboard) they are sending us a new one so no biggie! Here is hubbs hard at work putting it up on Saturday
As I think I said in previous post my parents were so so gracious in paying for the beautiful crib! It is really high quality and I am so glad my mom shares the same expensive taste with me. Only the best for my little bambino!

We finally have my baby shower planned with the coordinator at The Grand America Hotel. The same place where I had my wedding, it's gorgeous. We picked an amazing room with an even more amazing patio and view into the gorgeous court yard. I can't wait to see it all put together and can't thank my mom and sister enough for putting up with my attitude, picky ways, and o.c.d.
Here is a preview!

This seems like nonsense rambling but hopefully it helped pass the time on this beautiful but smokey day in SLC. I am ready for Thursday so I can see my handsome boy via 3D ultrasound. Even better my BFF is joining us!!


Becky said...

Yay, we're in the homestretch! Crazy how quickly everything is going! I love that blanket! Bedding was a huge issue for me so we opted to get ours sewn and got to pick out the fabric. It will still be cheaper than buying a pack of stuff with a bunch of stuff we won't use.

We have a 3d/4d ultrasound tonight! I can't wait and I can't wait to see pics of yours if you share them!

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