Sunday Funday?

I am taking a break from my nesting self right now. I feel like hiding in a closet, maybe that will make all of my anxieties and fears go away. Some days I get SO overwhelmed with the thought of being a mother, adding a very wonderful title yet stressful thing to my "over achieving" agenda already. An amazing wife to my husband, the dog mama that my dogs deserve, a full time employee, a daughter, a sister, a friend and I do try my hardest to do all of these to my greatest ability. Sometimes I just get so caught up in the thought of having to do it ALL. Of course being a wife and mother are my first and foremost important priorities. It's just weird how quickly things change scary, weird, but good nonetheless. So now that I just spilled my heart on this Sunday I will get to my 3 amaze.balls products I recently and not so recently came across!

THIS Elf blush brush! There are not enough words to explain my love for this. It actually makes me want to buy the whole brush set by Elf. It is soft on my skin and fills in all of the right places. It is small enough to get my cheek bones where I really like to accentuate.

THIS bronzing powder by Elf again! I am so sad Summer is almost over because I usually put my bronzer away in the winter time! Seriously, you guys must run out and try this stuff! It is only $1 for christ sakes! On me it actually doesn't put on too much color just enough to give me a little bit of a sparkle hue! Love love it!!

Rimmel Lipstick in Pink Blush. My sissy introduced this to me last Summer and I still love it. I think it's pretty enough to be able to pull off all year long. You don't want to over do it on this or you will end up looking like a hooker with blue eyeshadow waiting for your sugar daddy. Anyways, this is my new fav it keeps my lips moisturized throughout the day and stays on for quite awhile!

Hilary Lane said...

I'm a big ELF fan, too! I love their foundation, eye shadows, and lip glosses. Oddly enough, expensive make-up like Mary Kay will break my face out, but ELF doesn't. Which is a good thing on the wallet!!

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