Double Digits!

99 days people!

We are finally down to the double digits! It's so crazy! I am so excited, nervous, anxious, scared, elated etc. So is husband, I was laying in bed last night thinking how crazy it is that it will not just be the 2 of us anymore, after almost 51/2 years of it just being him and I we feel so lucky to share this journey with our baby. I finally get to pick out cute matching Christmas pjs, I get to play Santa, and the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth fairy! I know the definition of a perfect mother because of course I think my mom was one. Therefore, I will strive each and everyday to make my sons wildest dreams come true as did my mom! I have a 3D ultrasound tonight and I can't wait to see my sweet little man I bet he has his daddy's nose. That's another thing I can't believe I am being blessed with another boy just like my handsome husband. What's better then 1 more best friend just like your first one? Nothing! So 99 days as much as I want you here please take your time I love my husband and plan on living the next 99 days up with him and of course preparing for Krew as much as possible! Also, I don't do this as much as I should thank you God for giving me such an amazing life. I love it all.


Becky said...

So exciting! I hope your 3d ultrasound goes great tonight and I can't wait to see the pics (if you share)! Those little TOMS are so.freakin.cute!

PS - I can't ever respond to your comments you leave on my blog since it's shows noreply. I promise I try to respond :)

Lauren said...

what an exciting time! enjoy these last 99 days as just husband & wife because life truly never will be the same!

Love those TOMS, I definitely need to get Elyse a pair this year!

Jessica said...

Eep! Tiny Toms!!

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