Friday Friday Friday!!

Did you know I LOVE Betty White? Mostly from Golden Girls, my Grandma always watched Golden Girls so it's a show I like to watch and think about the good times I had with her. After reading this quote from Betty White I love her that much more. Isn't is so true? Imagine the world if everyone really did just minded their own damn business? I know I'd have a much simpler life!!

It's Friday. Thank you lawwdy!! Last night we had our 3D ultrasound and it was so much fun! My BFF, mom, and husband came and we had some good laughs! I think he looks just like his daddy already!!
He defiantly has Ryans lips and chin and MAYBE my nose but we will have to see. Poor guy if he does I have my dads nose and Jesus is all I have to say! He had his feet up to his head and wasn't budging much but we got a few close shots of his face.
Basically I am one of those bias moms already that thinks my kid is the cutest thing on the planet even though he isn't born yet! It's so amazing how far technology has come, my mom was blown away by how in detail we were able to see our little boy. I just love him so much!

If you know Ryan you know he has EXTRA wide feet. He actually wears a triple E width and has to special order in his work boots and has a hard time finding any shoes that are cute that fit well. I think our baby boy has inherited his dads wide feet. Check em' out:


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