Viva Las Vegas Baby!!

As I stated in a couple posts back R's birthday is just 8 days after Christmas so it is SUPER hard for me to come up with presents/ideas for him! I figured since Bootah & Boise were playing in the Maaco Bowl Game just a few hours away that I would buy him tickets and we could spend a couple days in Vegas for Christmas and a little bit of his birthday present! Well needless to say it was probably one of the most memorable Christmas' for both of us! We had SO much fun, it was cold but we weren't going to let anything rain on our parade. ::no pun intended:: We weren't supposed to leave until Wednesday morning but since it had been such bad weather and the "whole southern" part of Utah was flooding we figured we would rather be safe then sorry and try and at least make half the drive to St. George so we left Tuesday night as I got off of work! I am so glad we did we were both feeling up to the last 2 hour drive to Vegas so we made it in around midnight our time but 11 o clock theirs so we still had plenty of time to walk the strip. OMG such a bad lousy idea to go walk the strip in our Boise apparel though EVERY SINGLE Utah fan had something to say about Boise State.... because they knew they were going to get their asses handed to them so all they could manage to do was talk crap! It was pretty typical but I had no idea that it would be as bad as it was. Like grow up a little bit Utah fans and lay off the sauce! ;)
 After we walked the strip till 3 in the morning and my Coach shoes were ruined :( ::boo!:: we headed back to the hotel room for some shut eye! (yes, I made it past 10:00 people! Goooo ME!!) Anyways, R was up at the crack of dawn like usual so I figured I'd get up so we could have breakfast and hit up Ceasars Palace!
We walked the strip for quite awhile but we didn't do any serious shopping we did get my neice some CUTE M&M socks and my nephew a bag of Boise colored M&M's! We headed back to our hotel and got all ready and bundled for the game!

Our Boise car flags!

The rain stopped just in time for the game it was so perfect and the look in my husbands eye was priceless! It was nice to see that all of my stress and planning for the trip paid off!!
We were ALL decked out in our Boise gear of course!

This is a panaroma view I took on my sweet new camera from husbear!

Throwin up #1

Most of the Ute fans were leaving 3rd Quarter! Way to stand behind your team Utes!

After the game we were planning on cutting out early to try and beat traffic WELL after much convincing I pulled hubbs with me so we could storm the field! We mains well make the best of it since we went and spent $$$ on the tickets!

The team & cheerleaders storming the field!!

Billy with the Bowl Game trophy!

R with the cheerleadas!

I think after this picture R was SO happy that I drug him onto the field! This is #17 Winston Venable... just so happens that he is husbands favorite player!! ::Best Wife 2010 award::

I had such a fun time on this trip, even though it was short I am so glad we were able to make it down, I know hubbs had a great time and that's all that really mattered to me! I love having him all to myself! (: We left late afternoon the next day to meet up with my cousin and her husband in St. George for lunch, we had to make it back for Christmas Eve or I could have stayed another night in St. Geezyy it's beautiful!

Jessica said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast! You do get the wife of the year award for getting him on the field. Haha

Katy said...

That looks like so much fun.
His picture with his favorite player is so cute.

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