A not so secret obsession!

Sorry I have been SO MIA lately! I do have good excuses though I promise.. I have been working my freaking bootie off at work it's crazy I don't think I have ever worked so hard in my life!! We are moving into a brand new building so I have been busy helping with that and trying to have the move go as smooth as possible along with training like 3 new receptionist all this week! I am being rewarded with a NICE bonus that is coming just in time for summer though! I have my pretty little blue eyes set on this...

It's beyond gorg (gorgeous) right? Yes, I know I have AMAZING taste. If I do indeed decide to break down and buy this it will take my WHOLE bonus which I am totally completely fine with and back in my teen lifeguarding days I would not even be posting a decision making post about it because I'd already be carrying it around my dainty little arm.... BUT now that I am older, and maybe a little but more wiser it's getting harder for me to be okay with dropping $400 on a bag! I know when I told my dad this he asked me if I was sick? I think he though his daughter and gotten kidnapped and replaced with a more modest gal.. I mean come on $400 can buy me ALOT of cute summer clothes, shoes, and jewelry! So I guess after this weekend we will see if I ran to my local Nordstrom to pick it up! I am leaning more towards NO since my birthday is 2 months away and I may just get lucky enough that hubs will remember and buy it for me... if your reading this R I BETTER get this for my birthday!! Hence my blog title of the blog I have an OBSESSION for designer purses it's sick and wrong!

Along with the following:

This bike! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I even want to get a little front basket put on for my puggy so we may ride around everywhere together! I already plan on taking my heeler with me when I go on Summer bike rides! Luckily my parents house is pretty close so we can take a ride there and back in the mornings! This makes me that much more anxious for Summer!

Yep, you guessed it I am a Utah Jazz fan.. or more like Deron Williams fan... (hey, boy hey!) So I want to get one of the real jerseys to wear to the games and on game days! I think I could sport it pretty well if I must say so myself! (;

Last but certainly not least I want this...

The Droid Incredible! I am eligible for an upgrade in March so I'm planning on forking out the extra $200 for the droid. Since I am with Verizon I considered getting the iphone but I just cant pass up all of the good reviews on the droid and how fast it is compared to the other smart phones on the market!!

I feel kinda bad as I sit here and post this because I was suppose to post all about husbands birthday that was a month ago before I started posting about mine... but I PROMISE that is the next post... I purchased the blogger app for my ipad so I plan on blogging a lot more as soon as work slows down! I hope you all are having a fabulous week today is my Thursday I plan on having a complete ME day on Friday.. nails, pedicure, tan, shopping ahhh I can't wait!! Well ta ta for now!

In regards to my cockiness please note that 85% of it is sarcasm! (: I'm not really that into myself!!
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Jessica said...

I want the droid incredible toooo!!!

Katy said...

Loveeeeee that bag, you better get it for your birthday. I have a pink beach cruiser, I named her Helena, haha, but she lives in Huntington beach now with my sister in law because she would get no use with me in Colorado. I remember the days of being able to buy an expensive purse, le sigh.

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