R's birthday & wife of the year

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Yep I am back with ANOTHER blog post for today! Go Me! This blogpress is really easy to work which benefits you all because you get to read my blog all day! (; So on to Ry's birthday/month! My family has always made such a big deal out of birthday and I love it! Husband isn't as use to it as I am but we literally have like birthday months we try to drag it out was much as possible.. I mean you only live once right? You only turn 23 once right? Yep! So I planned on doing steak sammies with my family and husbands 2 sisters at our house the Sunday before his birthday he has always had steak sandwiches on his birthday and even though they aren't my favorite I cook them... well more like try to cook them I do get all of the bomb presents and birthday cakes though! This year I got him some new cologne, a binocular harness/carrying case for his new binos I bought him for Christmas and also I signed him up for his concealed weapons class that he has been wanting to take forever, and with all of these new shootings going on I didn't think it would be such a bad idea either! So I gave him his cologne on the Sunday we had family over I was awfully bad at taking pictures that night but I was able to get a picture of his yummy "blue & orange" cake. For those of you in the Salt Lake area I HIGHLY recommend Schmidts Bakery for all of your baking needs! I have ALWAYS had their birthday cakes I don't think I can remember a birthday that I haven't enjoined one.. a whole one!

Here is a picture of husbands 2 favorite presents!

We went to Olive Garden on Monday the 3rd which is his actual birthday it was so yummy I love that place! At dinner I gave him a sweet card with his concealed class ticket in it!! He was so shocked that I remembered he wanted to take it!

That next Saturday we got all of our closest friends and family and we went out for dinner to a restaurant called Desert Edge Brewery or as my family calls it The Pub.. my parents have been going there for years so they are basically VIP. My mom and dad rented out the top part of the restaurant for us all to sit so we weren't bothering the other eaters and had a whole spot to ourselves!

Before we went to the restaurant we went and picked up ANOTHER birthday cake for R this one was the bomb.com and it helped me get rewarded for Wife of the Year.. I mean we were only a week into the New Year and I already got that award... Am I amazing or what? Check out the cake!!

Boise State? Who would have ever guessed? It's pretty awesome isn't it? R loved loved loved it and it didn't taste too bad either! (:

I hope he had an amazing birthday he deserves the world and is so good to me, his sisters, and my family. I love him so much and cannot shower him with gifts enough to show him my love and appreciation!

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Bethany Grace said...

Glad yall had a good celebration!!! looks like fun and yummy cakes :)

Ps. I used to be at American Honey. I have now made some changes and am at www.lifeisjustlovely.blogspot.com :)

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