Nursery Update

Krew is one spoiled little man already! The husband and I have been so busy prepping and painting his nursery! It's all we have done the past couple weeks! I love it, I love the time I get to spend with my huzzy while we prepare for this special time. Just the 2 of us. We have been so grateful to have my mom and dad and Ryans "second parents". They have helped us out so much in putting my vision into this little room that a sweet precious baby boy is about to inhabit! Eek 3 months or less and it's so crazy to me I still have so much to do and I'm hoping to have it done by the 1st of October because huzzy leaves for hunting and I don't want to use my dad to my advantage if I don't have too! Although I know he is willing to do whatever. Okay, enough of my ramblings let me show you what's been going on in the Barras household!

Our first project was converting this old dresser of Ryans into a "brand new" one for Krew!

We really did have so much fun doing this together! I have to give huzzy all the painting props he is so detail oriented and it turned out perfect! Not to toot my own horn or anything ::toot toot:: but the whale and block letters look so good!!

The next project was a blue accent wall to try to give a little bit of a boy/ocean theme

At first it was darker then I was hoping it would be but once we painted the other 2 walls from brown to white it faded into a perfect blue color!! At this point I'm really seeing everything come together!

On Sunday Ryan and his "dad' painted a grey and white striped wall! In the beginning I wanted chevron but figured everyone and their mom was doing chevron so I stuck to basic horizontal stripes!
(it looks brown in this picture for some reason but it's a dark grey)

We have a few things left to do such as:
Paint side table
Paint the base boards
Re-Paint the door
Hang a closet door
DEEP clean the shit out of the room (nesting?)
Put the crib up
Settle on bedding
Find a valance/curtain
Pick out and purchase glider
Find lamp
Settle on some whale wall art huzzy and I can agree on
Put the crib up (it came in yesterday!!)
Wash bedding
Start washing baby clothes
Have my baby shower
Pack hospital bag

I am sure there are a million things I am missing and when they pop in my head I really need to start writing them down! I am having a deep cleaner come in for the whole house in October while Ryan is gone hunting then after that I am kicking my feet up and waiting for this little mans arrival!

My mom and dad were SO SO nice in buying us the car seat and bassinet. I've had my eye on this car seat/stroller combo set for quite sometime and it's been back ordered everywhere so when mom and I found them separately for a little more my mom wanted to make sure her baby girl had the car seat she wanted so she picked it up for us! Also, they bought us a precious little bassinet which fits perfect on my side of the bed in the corner! (god bless thier souls)

I love it all! I must say the Britax car seat looks pretty slick in my Benzie! No doubt Krew will be the most hip kid out there! ::swagg::

Ryan has been working night shifts the past 2 nights so I promise to have a bump picture/update tomorrow!


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