Product Review Part II

Where did I leave off? Oh, right the most important ritual of my morning/night routine! Moisturize!

Once I have a good moisture on my face I switch over to my "war paint aka: face makeup". I don't feel like I use A TON of makeup products but I do use enough to cover up old acne scars! (i hate you 14 yr old self)

Back to Neutrogena of course, I use this concealer just on my under eyes. My whole life I have had really dark bags no matter how much sleep I get or how much water is in my system. It's my beauty curse but whatever this shit helps!

Derma-Blend- one of my girlfrans mentioned to me how much this helped cover up her past scars and acne and told me I had to get it! I bought the small tube last year and still have quite a bit left! It's awesome, in the Summer it kind of sucks because my face is EXTRA oily and all but it still works better then most. It's kinda $$ but a little goes a looong way!!

I then cover all that up with Clinique powder in Stay Golden. I swear by this stuff, I have been wearing it since 7th grade or so and it is my favorite ever! Whenever I try to switch to something cheaper I break the F out so I just keep to this simple $23 powder. If you haven't tried it. Go Now.

I use this from E.L.F in bliss. My BFF got it for me on birthday and I love it! I am slowly running out so I need to go get more! Luckily the Target here in SL has lots of E.L.F products because I am hooked! It gives a nice pink hue without looking like a clown!

ANOTHER e.l.f product that I was recently introduced too that I love. I spray it on after all of my base makeup is on and before I put mascara on because I squint my eyes like a baby and don't want to look like a clown afterwards. It smells good and so far has not made me breakout. I'd say it helps keep my makeup on average about 2 hours longer! I will take it!

Mascara Mascara, I am in a war between 2:

I love love love the Maybelline One by One. It's perfect for day time, it helps volumize and lengthen my lashes. However, the down fall is after about 9 p.m it starts to flake. Given on the week nights I have my makeup washed off way before then but the weekends SUCK!!

&& my dearest Clinque. Again, it's hard for me to fork out $16 for a mascara but this shit is good. Every time I put the money out for it I LOVE it and tell myself I need to stick to it. It lasts at least 4 months so it's well worth the investment. Now that I think about it that's my favorite kind. right there. it's water resistant so it's perfect for my weirdly overly oil eyelids! i love love love it. i can't say enough good things about it, and since it is water resistant it is still pretty easy to take off! you cant' go wrong with this stuff!

Those are my basics, sometimes I will wear some eye shadow but I have to have the time to put it on. I hate bad eye shadow jobs. When I do wear it it's usually a neutral brown, gold, MAYBE black. Depends on my mood. Any recommendations from your part would be fabulous!! I love hearing reviews on makeup that is out on the market!!

ashley & sundance said...

I love Clinique! love love love.

I used to be a MAC girl. but in the last few years I've felt that their counter staff have all been rude. The girls at Clinique are always much nicer. :)

Hilary Lane said...

The next time you need mascara, try the yellow Volum Express. I can't remember exactly what the name is, but it's just like the pink one, but yellow :-). It's glossy, and I've never had it flake unless I touch my eyelashes a lot because of my contacts bothering me or something. I've even touched it up before heading out after wearing it all day, and it does really well!

Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

Hi Sarah! I just barely saw your comment asking about birth photographers. Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you! Life has been so crazy.

That said, congratulations on your baby boy! So exciting :) As far as Utah birth photographers go, I like both Jessica Kettle ( and Heather Nan ( I think they both charge around $600. Hope that helps!

Sarah said...

Thanks Hilary I am going to try it for sure!! I like that its glossy maybe that is what is wrong with the pink stuff I have been trying? I will let you know!!

Ash thank you so much I still need to get my hubby on board with the whole idea but I LOVE your video you had made. It melts me! That little boy of yours is way too cute!

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