21 weeks!!

How far along: 
21 weeks!!
How big is baby: 
The size of a spaghettie squash! (8in, 1LB)
Total weight gain: 
12ish LBS
Maternity clothes: 
Just a few bottoms! I can still fit into a lot of my old tops! I am already planning my shopping spree for after baby weight loss!!
Some nights are good and some are bad! I wake up with the sorest hips though!!
Best moment of the week: 
FINALLY getting hubby on board for the nursery!!
Food cravings: 
Mexican food. I think I am going to give birth to a freaking smothered burrito with cheese and onions.
Food aversions: 
Red Meat. Blech.
Cramping, Hip soreness, Headaches
He knows when mama wants to relax! He starts his tae kwon do practices then.
sweetest baby BOY!!
What I’m looking forward to: 
giving birth? okay and my baby shower! (:
What I miss: 
nothing, feeling so very blessed!
Next appt: 
July 19th!

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