Friday's Letters

Dear Krew,
We are a mere 4 months away from meeting each other. I can't tell you the excitement dad and I are holding inside of us! Our 1st Christmas as a family of 3 is sure to be one to remember! It's still hard for me to believe I will have someone to dedicate 110% of my life too but I am ready now more then ever! Can't wait to be your favorite mama on the sidelines at your football games! xoxo

Dear Husband,
You're my rock. You deserve a whole blog post on your own, everything about you I love. Krew is going to fall so instantly in love with you just as I have! Until he makes his arrival let's live this shit up!!

Dear Puppy Dogs,
Sad sad day when Krew comes. I want to spend all of my time with you but I don't want to all at the same time. You will need to get use to not having all of mamas attention. Please adjust well and nicely so we may all be a happy family. Or else your mutt butts will have to go outside or to Grammys. Never forget how much I do love you.

Dear Niece&Nephews,
I haven't seen your baby butts since Monday. I miss you to say the least. Please remember me when you come home. I will even bring treats. Can't wait to kiss your cheeks!

Dear workweek,
Thanks for being a pain in my royal ass! Having Weds off made yesterday seem like a Monday, and now that it's really Friday I need a friggin' break and a drink! Dayum.

Dear BSU Season,
Make your appearance whenever! Can't wait for our 4 day vacation & to see you stomp BYU real hard!

Jessica said...

Your dogs will adjust ;)

Sarah said...

Thanks Jessica! I really hope!

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