iPhone Photo Dump

We have been so busy lately with the nursery, and just life! I love it though husbear and I are taking the time we have together and using it to our full advantage. It's not that I don't want to hang out with anyone or do anything anymore I'm just really soaking in the last few months I have of it just being Ryan and I. I will have to share my husband soon, I'm not a sharer. Of course Krew can have his daddy all to himself once he makes his arrival, I'm trying to soak in the attention I am getting being the "cute pregnant girl" because I know as soon as my baby boy makes his mark I will no longer be the center of the universe. Hey, that's okay but for now I'm sitting back and taking it all in! Here is a photo dump of our life lately! I REALLY need to do a bump post! So many new fun things happening! I'm strapped in and anxiously waiting for the next 3 exciting months of our lives!!

Finally I made his name out of wood blocks! Love love the way they turned out and they look SO good against his new restored white dresser! Hoping the crib comes in soon!

Oh, you bet your ass I made this mustache too. We can't get enough! (;

We are painting the grey and white striped wall this weekend! I will be back with a bump post and nursery update next week! For now, I am kicking my feet back kicking this Friday work days ass then going home to my husband to relish in his goodness!!


Monica's Notebook said...

Omg those letters turned out SO cute! Eeeee! So exciting :] Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend.

Becky said...

Those letters are so awesome! Where did you get the wood blocks from? I love the name too! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy while it's here! I don't think you will be pushed to the side once the baby is here, though. I bet he'll be a mama's boy :)

Sarah said...

Thanks skinny minney monica!! you're sweet!!

Becky, Thank you! I got them from a little wood store here in UT called Wood Connection. I can always buy you them and ship them to you and you can pay me back! Let me know! I am really trying to enjoy it it's been hard in the heat!!

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