Product Review Part I

I love me some makeup, too much makeup, too much nailpolish, too much hair products. So I am going to do a product review and narrow a few of my favorites of each down! I love reading these on other peoples blogs to see what they do and don't like. I have even taken a few of your opinions and put them to use myself! So strap in and hold on!

I am a neutrogena whore. I have been since my breakouts starting in junior high. Their products just work for me. So I have stuck to this baby for ages now. I use the mask once a week and the cleanser every day. I have extremely oily skin so no matter how many times I wash my face, use lotion, use blotting pads etc. Nothing seems to work but this stuff!

Who doesn't love some burt's bees? I picked this baby up at Target about 5 months ago, I used it all gone then bought more about 2 months after and THEN barely bought some again and every time I use it after it's been awhile I slap myself for not sticking to just buying this and using it. It's a gentle exfoliate that I do use everyday. I love everything about it especially that it has a lot of natural products in it. Don't let the "citrus" name fool you it smells more like a pumpkin pie but that's okay with me because I love it that much. Even with the $8 price tag.

My mom got me into Clinque when I was in high school. Which was good because her and my dad still paid for all of my things, but now that I am on my own. Not so good because I am hooked. It is the only lotion, toner, and powder that I can use without breaking out everywhere.

I use this a lot in the winter time when my skin isn't as OILY because of the sun melting my makeup onto my face. I just use a cotton ball and sweep it all over my face and always feel so refreshed after. Sometimes I'm surprised at how much  "extra" chunk is left on my face too! Blech!
There are no words to explain how great this shiz is. It doesn't leave EXTRA oil on my skin and it's really light weight for winter and summer. I use to be hooked on Cetaphil but as my acne has toned down a bit since high school I have switched and won't go back!

Here is what I use before I put ANY makeup on my face. It is my routine and has been my routine for quite sometime. Other then the burts bees once I start using it I shouldn't stop. I have always had really poor skin so once I find stuff that I like and that works I don't go back. Any suggestions or comments on this post are more then welcome! I am always so willing to try new things!!


kaylee said...

I am a Neutrogena whore too! Love their products. I actually went to an esthetician & she had told me they were the best drug store company to buy from. & that Clinique lotion is AMAZE I have used that before too! Love love love! Have a great weekend xo

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