Photo Dump

What's better then a photo dump? Seriously though.

I have left a lot out of my blog the past couple weeks so I am going to try my best to re-cap through an iPhone photo dump. I never thought I would use my phone as my only camera but I very rarely use my digital anymore. Boo hoo

pretty much nailed the "hair bow" at work one day. yep at work.

babysat this sweet little boy while at work. i promise i do actually work.
GNO out with my bump (below)

We ate, we've shopped, we've picked out nursery colors only to change them!
Saw Magic Mike with my best girlfrans/sisters

Watched fireworks, Swam, Hiked, & have been enjoying SUMMER!!

Mitzi G. said...

cute, cute & cute!!

Sarah said...

Thank you Mitzi! I love your new picture wall you made! My fav! xoxo

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