A letter...

(written Oct. 26th 10:52 pm)

I wrote typed Krew a note while laying in bed the night of his birthday party that we celebrated with family and close friends. I don't ever want to lose it, hopefully 1 day he will realize my passion of motherhood.

Dear Krew,
Today we celebrated your 1st birthday with all of our family & closest friends, even your nanny came!! You are so curious and ask "what's this" all the time. I try to answer you each time, I want you to be confident in knowing I am always here. I love celebrating each milestone, holiday, and any fun activity with you. You make my life so fulfilling, you will never ever know the extend of my love for you. I never really thought of myself as a "boy mom" one who would play cars with you, or play in the dirt with you, or make funny spitty sounds with you but I love it!! I cannot picture my life any other way. You are sound asleep in your crib right now as I reflect back on the busy day we had. Mama planned this day out to the very last detail, I hope it was perfect for you. Just as you are perfect to me. I know you only have pictures to look back on and I know this will never show you my true love but a mama can try right? Please know that I would go above and beyond for you, to the end of the earth. You ask me to jump and I am going to ask you how high. You have changed my life in so many ways. You have also changed your daddy too. We love you and cannot wait to celebrate more birthdays and holidays with you! I cannot believe you are a 1 year old little dude. A perfect one. You are not walking yet but you LOVE to talk. Thank you for choosing me to be your mama, I am so proud. Please always be confident in your dreams, and pursue your own happiness, never back down from something you truly believe in and ALWAYS stay true to yourself. No matter what life throws our way we are a family and we are always in this together! Dream big my precious baby boy! Mommy loves you.


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